08 August 2008


What a day! A lot of prayer request. By the way, thank you so much for those of you that pray for us back in the states. It makes such an impact.

Yesterday I would of said today was going to be an easy going day, it turned out just the oposite. At the fireplace church they're having a youth conference this weekend called down pour. Linda, Hollie and I planned to attend and help out. Last night we found out that Philip, the District Children's Officer was no longer going to be in town next week to come see Mattaw but asked that we'd come at 8 this morning to his office. Linda and Hollie went to the conference and Bud and I went to the Children's Department. Bud previously had mentioned that eventually we'd like to get an old Land Rover. Well since Philip had to be somewhere soon we ended up going with him to a friends to look at land rovers and he asked that we'd meet him at 1pm to go to Mattaw. So Bud and I went out to Mattaw all morning, cleaning, organizing and mostly making up 12 beds military style. It was so exciting to make them up knowing that God would bring in children to fill up the beds. I cant wait to see them full! It'll be a dream come true. So we go to lunch and as soon as i order i get a call from Linda. I can barely understand her. Finally all i understand is 'im trying to walk home... im sick'. So I leave Bud and Ian, take Elisha and go find her. After driving around in our neighborhood i found her close to the Fireplace on the ground with people surrounding her. She hadnt been feeling that well that morning and decided to walk home at lunch time from the conference. She passed out and woke up with her hands seized up and not able to move well. She was in a ton of pain, crying. So i carry her in the car, go get Hollie and rush to Sister Freda's hospital (where hollie volunteers a few times during the week). We prayed on her the entire way there asking for clarity on the situation and for God to relieve the pain. By the time we got there (its about 10-15 min outside of town) she was able to straighten out her hands and legs and the pain had lightened up some. They took her in, put her on iv and waited on the dr. to come. Meanwhile Bud is in town about to meet with the DCO. Thankfully there was a land rover he could 'test drive' and was able to go pick up the DCO and take him to see Mattaw. (since i had the car) They went and saw it and it didnt go how i would of liked but was very good and encouraging. We're not able to take kids in yet, sad, but he was very encouraged by it and wants to take the proper steps. In a week an inspection team is supposed to come see it. He said he could give us a 6 month period where we can move children in but will have to be working towards having all inspection clearance within 6 months. Great to hear! Later the doctor comes and we find out that Linda has severe malaria. Ok ok, dont freak out (mom), this is a very rare case and treatable. Sometimes malaria can trigger nerves or something. So they admited her and are keeping her for 24 hrs to make sure all is well. A few days ago we had already planned to have Steve (missions pastor from saddleback church) and his friends over for dinner so the rest of whats left of the afternoon we went and got food and preped it. I went back out to Sister freda's to get hollie and take Linda some stuff. I really had to convince her to stay, she was scared but we left her happy. Then barely made it out of a really really slippery road. Oh and throughout today its been pouring rain which means the power went out mid day and stayed out for awhile. So made it back home, made dinner while it was getting dark and had guest just in time. The power turned back on just in time to blend the potatoes for mashed potatoes. We had a texan meal... barbeque beef, mashed taters, baked beans and salad. It was a great way to end the day. There are a few young people from saddleback thatll be here 6 months. Two women from the Ukraine are staying a year and a woman from Uzbekestan is also staying a year. So here I am, able to sit and breathe for a bit. Actually when I left Hollie with Linda earlier today and came back to the house to feed Elisha, spiritually I was able to be fed. It was SO needed and I left home full from Jesus. I just poped in worship music, and it was more than enough to make it through the rest of the day and refresh my soul from everything else going on.

Please pray for Linda and for the progress with Mattaw. We really need to bring in two children, Daisy and Jeffery, as soon as possible. They just went on break from school and are staying with their older brothers and sisters in a one room hut.

Update on Mary. We took her home a few days ago. The children's department didnt act on it, maybe eventually they will, but after praying about it we felt we were to take her home and do follow up's with the family. Isaac (our house dad) had already made visits on his own initiative and had been sharing Christ with him. Everyday during the week Mary will come to Mattaw to eat lunch and take a multi-vitamin. Also on Sundays the family will come to join our fellowship. We'll be looking for a sponsor for their family so that we can give them food and small supplies once a month. Continue to pray for Mary's health and a total transformation in her family. Pray for the father to receive Christ and to treat Mary with love.

I could write so much more on whats going on here. Hard times, but many more victories! But here was a somewhat typical day in our life in Kenya. love yall and thanks for the encouraging emails. more to come...


Terri L Tindall said...

Kimberly and Bud,
We know first hand about those inspections and wait six months. We are praying that you will be taking children soon. Remember God's timing is perfect everytime.


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