06 August 2008

8 months old!!

Been waiting to get a good picture to post with this blog but that didnt happen so you'll have to wait till next blog to see a picture. Its been a great week. This past Sunday we went out to Taito village (where the children's home is) and had church. It was such a sweet time. In our temporary school house (lil two room mud hut) is where we had our home church. This was the third time to meet. About 10 children came and another adult. One of the little girls led us in a few songs and then Linda sang some. Isaac and some others gave a testimony and then Bud taught. He taught on prayer and faith. Then Isaac and Vivian shared a few praises. Vivian shared how a woman from Turkana came by their house and had no money or food to make it home. After praying for God to provide, Vivian was down at the river washing and found 1,000 shillings (20 bucks). She asked all around if someone had lost it and no one had. Her and Isaac tithed 10% to this woman and gave the woman clothes for her children. So sweet. The man that came to the fellowship lives about 5 min from the property. He felt God had led him there to see if he and his family should join every Sunday. There's no churches in this village, you have to walk a long distance to get to one. After the fellowship we walked to the mans house and prayed with his family. It was encouraging to find out that the husband is kikuyu and wife is a nandi. These are the two main tribes that clashed during the political violence. They were proud to say they didnt let it effect them, that they're one in Christ.

This week we've been staying super busy getting the finishing touches on house one done so that we can welcome the new children. Monday we went to Eldoret. We took Eunice, one of the little girls we'll take into Mattaw. She has eye problems so we took her to the eye doctor. They weren't able to issue her glasses because its something that'll need surgery. Please pray for Eunice. The more we're around her the more we realize she has a bit of a learning disability. She so sweet and innocent though. She's about 9 but acts like about a 3 or 4 yr old.

Today Elisha is 8 months old! When he was an infant he was such a laid back baby. We joked that he'd get his daddy's energy by the time he's 2... well he's got it now! He is everywhere and such a happy baby. Bud and I dont know what we used to do with our time??? We stay happily entertained just watching elisha learn and discover new things.

Well off to bed i go. Tomorrow we're going to visit Mary and spend some time out at Mattaw.


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