30 July 2008

Our Compound

I dont think I've every put pictures of our house or compound so here they are....

The reason why our house is often referred to as the 'rhino gate house'. Everyone has a gate, hedge around the compound, dogs, and day/night guards. Our neighbohood is called Milimani, its where most of the missionaries, indians, and rich kenyans live.
Here is driving into our compound. All of the beautiful landscaping was done by the missionary couple that lived here before us. We kept the same day guard that they had (Julius) so he keeps it nice and pretty.
Here's the front of our house. Its rainy season so everything is so lush and fertile. You can grow pretty much anything here.

And here's the back of our house. Thats our little car and the guesthouse and gargae. That's where Hollie stays.


The Beavers said...

Hey you guys! Great pictures of Elisha and the house. What a hansom little guy. Love hearing about what you guys are doing and knowing about the children that you will be taking in. Be blessed.

Anonymous said...

wow, elisha is sooo big, and fluffy. reminds me of little chubby ben. now too thin,please eat ben! you guys are amazing. thanks , vicky

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