08 July 2008

picture update july '08

Yea! I was able to log in and post some pictures! Below is some of the things we've been doing the past week or so. Still in bed and getting rid of malaria but the medicine is helping. Bud is out today with some volunteers from the Fireplace (youth church) and Hollie. They're painting out at the property. We hope to have it all done so Isaac and Vivian can move in Saturday. Really exciting! One of the highlights of this past week was getting to see my children in Lemoru... pictures below.

Here's Elisha on the 4th of July. He's wearing his patriotic outfit. We celbrated by having some Texas friends over and eating Mexcian food.
This is in our living room. Some friends came over and we played loaded questions, ate cupcakes and most importantly drank dr. pepper!
Here's Elisha happy and back in his home and walker. The little girl is Lucy. She's our house helps daughter. She only goes to school half a day so in the afternoon she comes here and keeps Elisha very entertained! She calls Elisha's walker his car and will push him around the house.

Here's us in Lemoru! We went Saturday morning and stayed till late in the afternoon. It was SO wonderful. Just to sit and hug on them was so great. Especially to hold little Viola and my little princess Jela. They've all grown SO much like you wouldnt believe. We hope to go one day with the team thats coming next Friday.
Me with lil Viola and Princess Jela. Arent they so beautiful still. The only difference i noticed is they're taller and with bigger teeth. You know that awkward stage kids go through where their teeth are bigger than their size? We've all been there!
Bud with Sheila. She came over a year ago to the home with four brothers and sisters. She's the youngest in the home now. The first time we met her she was so terrified of us but as you can see she's really warmed up. This was this past Sunday morning. From left to right is Scott, Ian, Hollie and Bud. This was Scotts last day with us. He spent about a week with us. We really enjoyed getting to know him and showing him more of Kenya and what we do. He came on an Imagine team and ended up changing his return date, so we met him and ended up bringing him home with us. He actually ended up running the 1/2 marathon with Hollie and a group of 10 white people that we're connected to. (which went really well) Then Ian was home on the weekend from school. We're able to bring him home on the weekends now.
Here's the front of house one. Almost done except for glass in the windows, paint, and furniture!


the chans said...

Wow - the house looks awesome! I can hardly wait to be there in person. Hopefully we can go to Lemoru - that would be great. Hope you get better asap! We are checking on the banking problem today.kc

Dalene said...

oh my gosh, the house looks amazing! i'm glad they were able to fix the wall that i knocked over. i wonder if there will still be painting to do when we come out... and ian looks bigger, too! i hope you are better kim, and bud better be taking extreme care of you or my husband will beat him up (since i cant). love you guys and love the photos, keep them coming! see you soon!

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