02 July 2008


Made it home to Kitale. It's so wonderful to be back. Bud came to Kitale last week and I was going to stay in Nairobi till he came back so we could meet with Jim Farmer who has been in Tanzania and stopping through Kenya. Well after one night of Bud staying in Kitale and me in Nairobi I changed my mind, i had the itch to get home! Thankfully I did because the night I got home malaria kicked in. I got it while in Nairobi then the symptoms took full effect that night... headache, fever, body aches, chills. I got tested the next day and got on medication. After a few days it got all better so I'm doing good now. Bud is in Nairobi now, and has been for a few days, but will take the night bus back tonight. Hollie and our friend Scott came yesterday with some other friends from Kitale. Scott came on an Imagine team a few weeks ago but changed his ticket and stayed longer so we're excited to have him around this week. He ran the 1/2 marathon with Hollie and some other friends. There was a team of 10 and they did great. They went this past weekend to run in a national reserve.

In two weeks we have the McAllen/Keller team coming so we'll be super busy the upcoming weeks getting ready for them and being with them. Please pray for God to soften peoples hearts and call people for when the team comes to do ministry. They'll mainly be out in Taito village where the Mattaw children's home is. There will be family workshops, childrens bible clubs, and door to door evangelism. They'll hold a service sunday morning under one of the roofs. Eventually there will be a church birthed but it'll be cell groups. This is such a crucial time for the ministry out there so pray pray pray!

Elisha is doing great. Praise the Lord he is sleeping through the night now! Make us both more pleasant people. Happy early 4th of July to everyone! We'll be having a mexican dinner to celebrate. Much love and more to come. Oh and we're getting internet in our house thats totally reliable as long as there's cell phone network, so we'll be able to update and put pictures on this more often. Thanks for keeping up with us!



the chans said...

Hey Kim - so glad that you are feeling better! Hi to Hollie and Scott. Hope all is well. Bud is on his way! We look forward to coming with the Imagine/Keller team. I am texting my number to you tonight. Sorry it was so crazy busy when you were here. Let's talk about how I can help when in Kitale! Hug to Elisha!

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