22 June 2008

back home!

Made it back to Kenya!!! Its so wonderful to be back although i'm NOT enjoying the cold weather here in Nairobi. Pretty miserable in my opinion! Most would disagree. I like the Texas summers. We're here 7 months this time. We'll make a trip back to the states December 30th. By that time Elisha will be runnin! Speaking of, he made the trip well. He's such an amazing traveler, we're so blessed. Although now that he can crawl its a whole new world for us. We spent some time at the back of the plane crawling around and making a lot of new friends. The head of the ministry we're with (IMAGINE) is living in Nairobi this summer with his wife and three kids. Amazing people that we're so blessed to do ministry with! They have a house in karen (a part of Nairobi) that they're renting. Its big enough to house them and teams that come through this summer. We're here a week in Nairobi then will go to Kitale. Bud and a group of men are going to Garissa tomorrow for a few days. There's a school thats being built and a internet cafe they're trying to set up so this group is going to check it out. Imagne has one more team coming which is the one that'll be coming to Kitale for a week or so. There's also a couple and woman from FBC Kellerv that'll be there the same week. This will be in about 2-3 weeks. They'll be doing a lot of ministry in the village where Mattaw children's home is (Taito). Oh and check out IMAGINE's new website! Its lookin good! David said they just went ahead and put it up but still want to make changes to it. Just click on this link below and check it out...


The song that plays on it is AMAZING so make sure you listen to all the words, its SO perfect. One of IMAGINE's main contacts and persons working with them now is Benson who lives here in Nairobi and is a pastor. This morning we were blessed to go and worship in the church he pastors. Its a church on the edge of the Mathare slum. Its almost as big as Kibera slum here which is the largest slum in Africa but Mathare doesnt have as much help and aid. Some of the people we were in fellowship with this morning were some of the poorest in Kenya. It broke me more and made me realize even more how much of a heart God has given me for them. I'm so desperate for Jesus and for Holy Spirit to fall on Kenya and restore it. I think my next blog will be more on this and bringing the Kingdom to Earth. Well better go, more to come, ill update with pictures soon. A little shout out to my momma... miss you and love you!!! Created for this, kimberly


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