09 May 2008

swimming, birthdays, headed to the beach

we made it to nairobi! a few months ago we started planning our trip to mombasa. at the first thought of taking public bus transportation from kitale to nairobi i thought no way! thats too long on a bus with a baby. but after talking with our friends that have four kids ages 4 and under and how they've taken them and seeing that financially it was better to do, we did it. we took the 9 hour bumpy bus trip and elisha probably complained the least! haha. he's such an amazing baby. we stayed in nairobi last night and fly out to mombasa today! the pictures arent from mombasa up above. the ones in the pool are at the kitale club a week or so ago. elisha LOVED the water! even though it was freezing cold. i thought he'd cry but he just kicked back while bud and i pushed him around. the pics abover arent really in order. the pic of elisha sitting up on the table is at the kitale club as well as the pool pics. then i finally got the pic of marleis and i with our boys at her son, aidens, birthday party. and then there's one of bud and elisha on the floor in our living room. aw, arent they so cute in their matching manchester united soccer jerseys?! that was buds christmas present from me. next week is buds birthday, we're so young, he'll be 24! works out that we'll be in mombasa, thats a good birthday. the night before leaving to travel our friends daniel and meredith had a cook out at their house. a lot of fun. there was about 20 or more people. it was a bring your own meat party. oh and a side dish. i baked bud a chocolate cocunut midnight cake. he ruined the surprise but i still put a sparkling candle (that meredith so kindly let me have!) and brought it out and we all sang to him. well elisha just woke up, time to eat. my next update will be about mombasa! wohoo! much love in Jesus, kimberly


Erhardts said...

Hey guys! Yes! We got your email through facebook maybe???..tried messaging you again through that....will try again. We are hoping to be in Kenya in August or late September Lord Willing. We've been talking with David Chan through Imagine Network about coming to the conference in Kampala for the Watoto thing....BUT we'd love to come and visit you where you are at. We're so excited to see what God will do with our family this next year.

Kudos for taking baby with you on that bus ride to Mombassa. I was there just breifly and had monkeys attacking our hut for food all the live long day....but enjoyed the beach time nonetheless!

Looking forward to talking in the future!

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