19 May 2008

Mombasa House Parent Marriage retreat

As you can tell from the pictures it was an amazing marriage retreat that we had in Mombasa. We are so thankful that Dan and Linda Wilson came and led the retreat. The teachings were amazing. The Lord blessed us with His love and we were overwhelmed with His presence. We prayed that Holy Spirit would teach the house parents and not let different cultures get in the way. He was so faithful to do so! This is one of the areas in our culture that is so different from theirs. But the message that got across was that we werent imposing our american cultures, we wouldnt encourage their culture, but would simply teach the Jesus culture concerning marriage. Dan and Linda did an amazing job at that. They've traveled all over the world teaching different cultures about Jesus. This was their first time to Africa but hearing them teach the house parents about marriage you would hardly know that. And if you ask them about that they'd give all the credit to the Lord. Bud and I were part of it just like the house parents were. Our marriage was so blessed by it. We were deffinitely stretched and grew a lot. We had about 2-3 teachings everyday for 3 or so days. There was time for playing too though! The house parents all got to swim in the pool for the first time. The last day was SO encouraging. Bryson called together all of the house parents to meet with Bud and I. Here's some of the things they said... "My doctorine and my culture was challenged in many ways, but im convinced the teachings are from the Bible therefor I have to have my ways and heart transformed. I am going home changed" -Isaac "It was difficult at times, but Im so blessed and understand more of the bible" -Vivian "This retreat was God ordained. It came at the most perfect time for our marriage. The techniques that were given on how to handle arguments really helped us with an issue we've been wanting to work through for the past month" -Thaddeous "I am changed, i am leaving mombasa a different man and more in love with my wife" -Bryson "I have reformed, i have changed my thinking. When i get off work now i wont spend time going to town, reading the paper, being with my friends. I want to go home and spend time with my wife" -Julius "God has taught me how to be a better wife" -Christabel. Going into this we really prayed a lot if we should be taking them to this nice of a place. We didnt want them to think that because they work for white people, they'd be getting nice things and a lot of money. It was neat to hear them bring this up and to say they know that this was a special occasion. That it wasnt all brought together and paid for by Bud and I. They were so incredibly greatful and said they werent taking it for granted. They didnt have the attitude that they deserved it or that we owed it to them. The last night Dan and Linda gave them nice note cards to write commitments out to their spouse. That night they read them to each other. It was the sweetest thing! Dan told them they could write them in their language but they were so kind to do it in english. They told each other how much they loved each other, how they cared for one another, how they were each others number one, how they'd be there for them, they'd listen, and it went on and on. In the Kenyan culture this is NOT a common thing! All these things really came from their heart! And after each couple read to each other they gave each other a hug! (that was shocking!) Bud and I also got the chance to really emphasize that part of the vision with Mattaw Childrens Village is to really invest a lot into the house parents. They are the ones raising these children into strong spiritual beings that will lead out in their country. If their marriage isnt strong and healthy its impossible for them to train and raise children in the right way. You cant minister out of open wounds! Thats something i've learned since being in the ministry. Well thats about it for now. More to come... created for this, kimberly


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