05 May 2008

May 5

Its been awhile. Surprise surprise we have no internet in our house so its been awhile since we've updated this! They keep stealing the phone line, then the thieves take it burn it and sell the copper. Rediculous.

We're doing wonderful. This is our last week in Kitale until we come back from the states on June 22nd. We're very excited to get to go home for a bit, deffinitely will miss it here, but excited for a vacation. Really happy that our friends and family get to see Elisha and how big and cute he's getting. He's learning all sorts of new tricks all the time. There's these new pacifier type things that are mesh on one end. This morning i stuck frozen bannans in them and he ate it all up. He was very excited about that.

Construction is going great. Bud goes out there almost everyday. House one, Penda house, is almost done! Isaac and Vivian and their three boys will move in after the marriage retreat in Mombasa. Speaking of, we leave Friday from here, we're traveling on the bus to Nairobi then Saturday we fly to Mombasa to spend a week there. Tuesday, Dan and Linda Wilson from our church in San Angelo get there and also the house parents. We were blessed with a time share from a couple from Keller. So we have two rooms for a week. Before the house parents get there, missionary friends from here in Kitale will join us for the first three nights. (Rhonda and Whitney and Joe) Then after the retreat, Hollie and I and Elisha will stay in Nairobi for 4 or so days and Bud will come back to finish up construction stuff and get Isaac and his family moved in.

Bud and I were just talking about how refreshing in a sense the past couple nights have been. Saturday night we went to the Karibuni lodge, where Whitney, Rhonda (texan friends), Kevin (air force dude), and Sabrina (visiting from switzerland) are staying. We had a feast of brownies and cookies then played capture the flag on their huge compound. (in the dark) oh and it was a blast. Theresa, the bristish woman running the guesthouse with her Kenyan husband, listened for Elisha while he slept inside on some big ol comfy pillows. Then last night we went with our friends Clea and Isaac (couple from florida with four kids age 4 and under) and had a double date at the Karibuni lodge. Clea's mom is staying with them so we took Hollie to their house and they watched all the kids for us while we went and had a delicious and quiet dinner and just hung out and talked till 9pm. We had coffee and cappacinos so when we got back to their house we were WIRED, so we played games till 1am. We cant remember the last time we've done something like that! A blast it was.

Our kenyan son, Ian, went back to school yesterday. Tear! Its nice to have more privacy in our house again but really sad to take him back. He's been home for a month from school on break. It was really great having him around. Amazing kid.

Ok better go, we're in town on the internet and have Elisha with us. He's getting hot and fussy so better get. much love to you all!!! we'll be seeing you texan friends and family SOON!

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Erhardts said...

Hi-My name is Lindsay and my husband and I are really feeling pulled into the mission field in Kenya. We have visited a couple of times through Homeless Children International back in 2002 and 2003. We have a TON of questions about children! We have 2 boys and wonder how it works having kids in the mission field. If you wouldn't mind, I, Lindsay, would love to talk to one of you at some point to help us figure this out! Our email: email_the_erhardts@yahoo.com
our phone:

We are living in Fargo, ND right now.
Please email or call if and when you can. I know Kenya is not the easiest country to have consistent communication in due to reasons you stated in today's blog!!!
Hope you have a safe trip back to the states. Take care!


Chris, Keely,& Eli said...

hi kimberly, when you get a minute could you email me your email addtress... i know you arent on myspace much and i didnt know how else to get in touch with you... a friend of mine is possibly moving to kenya and has a few questions and would love to talk to you. thanks sweetie. hope yall are doing well and enjoy mombassa... im super jealous of you being there!

Chris, Keely,& Eli said...

oh yeah so you need my email addy now... hehe

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