02 April 2008

wednesday, april 2nd

well i dont think i have too much to update on but felt like its been awhile.

we ended up not starting the bible study last week but started the women's bible study yesterday. it was really good. there was only 6 women but a good start. on average there should be around 10-12. it rained like a mad man yesterday and the power was on and off all day. luckily i still managed to bake toffee bars and peanut butter cookies... my friend meredith teases me that im betty crocker... ill take that as a compliment thank you very much! ive always liked to cook but i think now with a baby my mommyness has kicked in with cooking. so there's this woman that walks in that i didnt know now lives here in kitale and she brought her youngest child with her. he's six months old and get this, his name is elijah! how cool is that?! we joked because elisha in the bible got the double portion, but my elisha looks like he's got the double portion of food compared to elijah! (as in elisha is a chunky monkey compared to the other baby!) so this family just came a few weeks ago and will be here for six months. we're having them over for dinner tomorrow night. theyre around 28 yrs old and have a 4 yr old, 3 yr old, 20 month old, and 6 month old! wam bam, they had their kids quick to say the least. the mom (Clea), her mom is came with them and is staying with them the whole time. she came to bible study as well.

yesterday hollie and i started aerobics at a gym in town. it was fabulous!! i like to run, but aerobics is more my preference in working out. it was definitly intense and i feel the burn today. unfortunately hollie has head stuff sickyness going on so she wont make it with me today. but whitney will be joining today. whitney is working with challenge farm, which is a home for street children. its where daniel is living now. thats us out at challenge farm in the picture. elisha is in there too, just sleeping under that blanket! so yeah, im really excited for starting aerobics again!

bud has this funky rash thats on his arms and neck. he's been taking medicine for a sinus infection so i think him being in the sun is making the rash combined with the medicine. he's pretty much over the other sicky stuff though. im going to have to put me and elisha in a bubble to keep away from all these sick people! or i'll just trust Jesus to protect us... yeah ill go with that option.

6 weeks till we go to the beach! im SO excited. id totally be up for starting a children's home on the coast! we're taking our four couples that will be house parents at Mattaw, and a couple from our church in San Angelo is coming to do a marriage retreat. itll be really relaxing. im not sure if the house parents have ever had a vacation in their life. they've never been to mombasa and im pretty sure they dont know how to swim. so itll be loads of fun. elisha will get his first trip to the beach too. the only thing not so exciting about it being so close till we go to the beach is that right after we go back to the states. although im really excited to get to be in texas for three weeks, its so soon! it feels like we just got here. ugh. so much traveling. but itll be worth it. actually traveling this past time wasnt near as hard as i thought. i enjoyed most of it.

well i feel like im babling and here i thought i didnt have much to say. we STILL dont have internet at our house so its difficult to load pictures and updates. i dont get much time in town. (which isnt always a bad thing) so ill try to get more updates and pictures soon. much love in Jesus, kimberly


Terri L Tindall said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. I hope I get to see you while in Texas. Yes, I am going too.

Love you,

the chans said...

Hey - I am so glad David finally told me about your blog. Today is the first time I got to read it. I will read it regularly and now will know how to pray more specifically. You sound great! We are looking forward to seeing you later this summer. So excting to hear about life in Kitale.

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