10 April 2008

april, 10, 2008

another update... i have so many pictures to share on this but it'll have to wait till next time. we still dont have internet in our house and my time is limited. Elisha is getting hungry! so Elisha and I ended up getting sick. yuck. but we're recovering. The first night that Elisha was sick was terrible. He only sleeps on his tummy and he couldn't because his nose was so clogged. So I ended up holding him the entire night so he could sleep. On top of that I had just gotten sick as well. This was my first experience of being sick and taking care of my sick child. Amazing how I can easily forget about how i feel and take care of him. Which can be good and bad, bad only because i really forget to take care of myself and get better so i can better take care of Elisha. But praise the Lord we're almost all better. Elisha has been able to sleep in his crib again. He's still sleeping in the pack and play because i still get up to feed him a few times in the night but as soon as he's all better i think i might only be getting up once to feed him and let him cry it out the other times. I keep having to pump myself up to do it though. It's better to do it now rather than when he's older and can remember having to cry it out in the night!

While I was in the states i had to get a root canal. They told me i had a small cavity but i decided to wait it out since dental work is WAY cheaper in Kenya. So in the spot they told me i had a cavity, it started hurting a few days ago. So i ventured out to the dentist yesterday. She ended up fixing the wrong tooth so last night i still had the tooth ache. Not sure if another cavity began or i got cheated. Either way, I hope to get the right one fixed today. Its only $25 to get a filling! It was a bit odd though. She put silver filling and said to let her know how it is and then she could replace it with white filling or go in and do a root canal. Never had that before. Hmmm....

Here's a Praise... the money transfer went through to continue construction at Mattaw! So Bud is busy busy busy and so happy too. They're finishing off the walls and putting in windows and doors now on house one.

Yesterday was Aiden's birthday. He's 2 now. He's the son of our friends from Holland, Daniel and Marlies. I'll post a pic next time. It was a lot of fun. They have a team of 12 guys in from Canada and England so it was a big party. Lots of cake and juice. I'm excited for Elisha to get old enough to be able to play with him. Aiden is incredibly smart for his age. When Marlies came to bible study the other day she said she was going to Auntie Kimberlys. Aiden said "and uncle bud? and baby elisha?" He's already put together our family and we really havent gotten to spend much time with them since they've been back. We're hoping thatll change soon! Monday Bud and Daniel are going to Turkana with Daniel's team of guys. They're taking a boat up lake Turkana to an island on the border of Ethiopia. So while they're roughing it having their guy adventures, Marlies and I will have some girl time and relax and pop in a movie!

more to come...


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