27 March 2008

Easter Weekend, Sister Freda, Women's Fellowship and more

Almost a month since we've been back home. This week has been pretty good. Easter weekend was good. On Sunday we had a couple, Eloise and John (in their 70's, look like they're less than 50! and dress like they're in their 30's!) and another man, Steve, over for dinner. It was awesome! We cooked out on the grill lemon pepper chicken and fish fillets and had rice and steamed veggetables. Then I made chocolate chip cookies and pound cake for dessert. After dinner we sat for over an hour listening to stories from John and Eloise. John used to be a pastor. Eloise had in her heart as a dream when she was a little girl to come to africa. Her father was a minister. Six months ago they were approached with the idea to come, God moved in both their hearts, and now they're here for a year and probably longer. Awesome couple that we're excited to get to know.

Monday was a holiday so we just relaxed around the house. Tuesday Hollie went out to Sister Freda's clinic. Sister Freda's is about 15 min. outside of town. She's an older kenyan woman married to a white man. They're incredible people. Sister Freda is like a mom to everyone. I had heard a lot about her through a lot of different people and had never made it out there to see the place and meet her. Last week we went to take Hollie to introduce her. Sister Freda welcomed us, served us bannanas off the vine and hot chocolate and invited us back whenever we want. Hollie went last friday with her to a nearby refugee camp from the current violence that happend in Kenya. It was a good experience for her. There are thousands of displaced people in this camp. Maybe around 4,000, all living in white cloth tents. They went and treated them with basic treatment... malaria and worms in the kids. Hollie has started to go out to Sister Freda's three times a week now.

Today we're having a fellowship for all the missionary women in Kitale. It'll be here at our house. We used to have this but almost all the women that joined every week have moved away so its great to get it going again. There's about 7-10 women that will come. When i was back in the states i joined in on a womens bible study with freedom fellowship in San Angelo. We went through 'Discovering the voice of God' by Pricilla Shirir. (lifeway ministries) The first study i went to, i say down and thought 'im supposed to take this back to kenya and do it with a group of women'. Then in the intro video that night one of the things Pricilla said was 'When God speaks its not an option of you obeying, you do it!'. So i said ok, ill take the bible study to Kenya. I told Hollie about it, she told her grandma (whose house the bible study was at) and they donated 10 books and the dvd's to do the study in Kenya!

Tomorrow we're going to Eldoret to do a few things. Saturday a Kenyan friend, Pauline, who works for our friends from Holland (Daniel and Marleis) we're having a bachelorette party for her. She gets married next weekend in Nairobi to Mwangi who also works for Daniel and Marleis. Their ministry is called Youth Apart. They reach out to the youth of Kenya. In the church there's not much oportunity to serve so they give that oportunity and teachings. There's a church they've started called the Fireplace that's geared towards youth. When i say youth, Kenya considers people 14-30 youth. We go every Sunday. Bud preached there a few weeks ago. Its at 3pm Sundays so that in the morning people can go to their church then come together as the youth of Kitale. Pretty amazing. We see God bringing revival through the youth.

Well i wrote way more than i planned. Hoped it wasnt too long that you lost interest! More to come. pray for bud and i, we've been a bit sick with soar throats, fever, ect. bud's taking medicine for sinus infection. Elisha is still wonderful and so much fun! I cant get enough of him!


Bryan and Susan Neal: said...

I found your blog and am excited to keep up with y'all!

Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

Hey guys--you all have been busy. We are praying for healing for you! It's exciting to hear about the Ladies' bible study and the ministry to youth! God really stirred me the other day after reading your blog. Keep running the race....We love you guys!

J David said...

Hey guys - didn't know you had been blogging this much! It's great, and it will be nice to listen in on what you all are up to. Imagine site should be ready soon, hoping as early as next weekend. We're always thinking about you all. Blessings!

Candace King said...

Sorry you guys have been so sick. Hope you are better now. The womens' Bible study sounds wonderful. Wish I could be a part of it. I am so glad you are obedient to the Lord and just can't say no to Him. I feel that way too. I just can't say no to Him. Your life glorifies the Lord and I know this Bible study will Glorify the Lord and change lives. You are a great inspiration to me and you probably don't even know it. Things here are moving on. Tomorrow Ricky and I are going to visit Brock Baptist Church with Jamey. They have called him to come as possible Youth Pastor position. I am so excited, yet emotional all at the same time. I have been a member of The Church in Peaster for 21 years. Jamey is really seeking the Lord in this and waiting for an answer. Jeritt and Merritt are all about their wedding in June. They have found a house next to their church and are so happy. Meritt can actually walk to work. She on Staff as the Women's Minister and they are Leaders for the Singles' Group. I wish we could all worship together. I just have to remember that in Heaven there will be no separation. Kiss Elisha for me and remind him that someone in TX loves him very much. What is your address, or how can I mail a care package to you all? Can you let me know some specific needs? I would love to send some stuff. Love to you all. Hugs and kisses.
For the kids.......

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