14 April 2008

april 14, new pics

the top right picture is elisha and emmanuel. emmanuel is the son of nelly and bryson, one of the couples that will be house parents. the next one over is elisha on his play mat with his bright blue eyes! the next one was taken in the morning, still got his pj's on. the next one down is him in his new walker that we're borrowing from our holland friends. then there's him and his daddy smiling at each other and the last is me and elisha on a swing in our yard on easter day. this past week has been a good one other than still trying to get over being sick. elisha is as well but we're doing better. saturday morning we went into a pediatricians office to take elisha but the wait was over 2 hrs and we didnt want to wait in the tiny room with a lot of other sick babies. its different here, you dont make an appointment, you just go and they put you in line. annoying! but he ended up getting better so no biggy. our friends from holland have a team of guys here. there's 12 guys from the UK and its led by three canadian guys. they have a ministry where they disciple young guys around 18-25 yrs old. its a three month trip. the first month they spend in canada and the last two months they're spending here in kenya. really awesome group. its been really great for bud to be able to hang out with (and to play soccer with). last night we had them all over to our house for a cook out and games. some of my girl friends came as well. it was a packed house! over 20 people. everyone brought their own meat to grill and then we had potatoes and veggies. after we played the game apples to apples. it was a hit! elisha slept through most of it but woke up at 9:30 to party hard with us for a bit. he's growing so fast its unreal. i was thinking he wouldnt look much different when i see my parents here in a little over a month but looking back at pics from when we left he deffinitely is a growin! and doing all sorts of new tricks... like reaching for everything, eating baby cereal, playing in a walker, rolling over, saying "ahh goooo", and more. saturday night we had a worship night at merediths house... aka the Transformed International compound. (daniel comes back this week from the US) they have a neat fire pit in their back yard with benches around it. so they got a fire goin, played some worship music on the guitar, and we had fellowship. elisha and i only stayed to hang out at first and sat through one song. then off to take a bath and go to bed we went. bud still is workin hard on construction. he has to run around wheelin and dealin all over town, getting doors, windows, concrete, ect. but he's liking being busy. more to come. kimberly


beavers said...

Wow! Elisha has grown so much! He is such a cutie! See you guys soon!

Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

What great pics!! So good to hear things are going well. Praying for you as you heal up. We got to see Kevin & Kim the last couple of weeks- he spoke at our church. They are doing good. Psalm 37:3 "Trust in the Lord and do good." Keep on...In His love, The Chessers

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