22 April 2008

All is well

like i said in the title, all is well here in Kitale, Kenya. The construction is continuing on without any major problems and the Penda House (house 1) is really starting to take shape, its really exciting!!! We are experiencing a little delay with our windows and doors, but not too big of a problem. So we should be installing them by the end of the week, then we will begin plastering, which is the process of slapping endless amounts of cement onto the walls to cover up the stone and brick to give them a nice smooth clean finish. So we are really hoping to get all of this finished before travelling to Mombasa in two weeks for our house parent retreat, after which the first couple Isaac and Vivian will move in to the Penda Home. Then if the money is there we will start the construction of House 2 in June when we return to Kenya. We are so ready to have all the houses built and full of children but we know it is all in His timing, not ours, and especially not Kenyan timing!! haha
Elisha and Kimberly are doing great! so thank you so much for your prayers. We've started this week training Elisha to sleep through the night, its bbeen hard for kimberly but she has done an amazing job. He's also starting to eat baby rice as well!!! we sit him in his high chair and feed it right to him with a spoon, we have some great pics of him but i'm having trouble trying to upload them so maybe in a few days. He is growing and developing so fast its amazing!!!
Please continue to pray for us and Mattaw, that the funds would continue to be raised to further the construction and the opening of the home. thanks to all who keep up with us and cover us in prayer, love you all



Candace King said...

I love you Bud and miss you very much. I am so proud of you. I know God sent Kimberly straight out of Heaven for you. Elisha is so beautiful. Hugs and kisses and let Elisha know someone in Peaster Texas loves him very much.

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