22 March 2008

new pics

here's some new pics... they're small but all we can do for now with our super slow internet. first one is elisha with his hat and blue eyes. next one is ian with elisha. (ian is the boy we took off the streets and claim him as our son, he's home for the weekend for easter holiday) and then there's me with elisha and grace at a baby home in our neighborhood. its ran by hope for the nations. we couldnt get both of them to look up for the picture and gracie smile! she was so cute with elisha. she would hold his hand and smile at him. the other babies were a bit confused or not interested. it was a fun time getting elisha around kenyans his age. meredith and i used to come to this place once a week just to hang out with babies. the last picture is from last week when we met with our four couples that will be our mattaw house parents. you'll notice two of the moms are missing... betty is going to a tailoring school and vivian just had a baby! a baby boy named obadiah. nelly, the one on the far right had a baby boy not long after i had elisha. a baby boy named emmanuel. this story is incredible. it was a miracle she had emmanuel. she'd had a curse put on her not to have anymore kids. she has one boy who's about 10. they'd been trying for over 5 years to have a baby. we prayed with her over a year ago about different personal things and one of them was this, we broke the curse, God healed, and bam, baby emmanuel is here! praise God!!!


Candace King said...

I love the websites. I feel like I know you Kimberly because we share the same heart for the Lord nad for the kids. I love how you are taking such wonderful care of Elisha and enjoying him. What a blessing to see him so happy. Bud also. I love seeing my Buddly so happy. Thank you for saying yes to the Lord and being his wife. Things here are good. Ricky says hello. Peaster is still Peaster. We are really looking forward to summer. Things are beginning to turn green and bloom outside. I love the spring and summertime. We are getting the pool at Cindy's house ready. Please be in prayer for Rick Adcock. His health is not good at this time. He was actually admitted into the hospital today. He has congestive heart failure. There is treatment and he can continue to live his life, just with some limitations. Anyway, I love the pictures of the kids there and of Elisha. Maybe someday I will get to come there and visit. God willing. I love you guys and will write again soon.
For the kids.......
Love, Candace

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

thanks so much for the comment candace! its always encouraging what you have to say to us. yes, God willing, that would be awesome for you to some day come visit! keep keeping us updated on how you are. love from the huffmans.

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