20 March 2008

Back to Work

Well its time again for another update, things are going great here, we've gotten 4 more roofs put up for the village, the land looks completely different now. You can really start to see the whole thing taking shape, we still need to put up one more roof to have the 6 we need for the first phase of houses. Next week we will resume construction and get house 1 Penda house (love in swahili) finished, we're hoping we can get it done within a few weeks so we can go ahead and get started on house 2 Raha house (joy in swahili) We are in the process of filling out our applications for drilling permits to put in a borehole, and also trying to get a quote from the power company on how much it will be to get electricity installed at the site.

Its been pretty hard the past 2 weeks not being able to go out and work at the property everyday, but its been good getting to settle back in, which we did very quickly, and get to spend time with friends and visit other projects. We still plan to go to Uganda to spend time with Watoto in Kampala but it might not be for awhile. The weather has been wonderful everyday, getting to wear shorts everyday is a big plus!!! We've been getting rain the past few afternoons, the rainy season is trying to get started all the farmers are trying to rush to get their fields prepared to planting, and its pretty hard for everyone since all the civil unrest prices have increased and nobody has money to buy enough seed and fertilizer. It'll still be another month or two before the rainy season really starts though, i dont know if i'll ever get used to rain every single day!

We'd like to be putting more pictures on here but we dont have a good enough internet here at our house, so maybe we can go to town and put more up from there. We're settled now and ready to get back to work on everything, kinda weird being gone this long, but we've come back and it feels like we never missed a beat. more to come soon



Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Hey Kim, Bud, and Elisha! This is Rachel 'Johnson' Webb (a friend of Kim's from back in high school). It is wonderful to read about what the Lord is doing through you guys and how He is using you in Kenya and around the world. I spent a few weeks in Uganda last year with Compassion International and met some of the most wonderful people and children. Reading your blog is reminding me of that time! I'm glad you're enjoying being back home in Kenya.

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