13 March 2008

here's a quick update...

its amazing to be back in kitale. back at home. our house was a bit chaotic when we walked in. its dry season so A LOT of dust. and we had people living off and on in our house so my things here and there were out of place. no biggy though. im picky so it really wasnt bad. im greatful for our friend todd that stayed in it while we were gone.

the past week that we've been here we've just been getting settled. i finally get to do my "nesting". been working on elisha's nursery. its precious. ill have to post pictures later. all i lack is painting the walls and my friend marlies is going to help when she gets back with her husband and little boy from holland. been getting back into my kitchen too. been cooking like crazy. made cinnimon rolls from scratch yesterday and lemon bars. bud and hollie said they were amazing. been cooking dinner every night. its been nice. havent ate out but a few times. in the states we were always eating out. i like the staying home and cooking better. ive gotten on a schedule with elisha. he takes a bath around 8 then goes to bed. usually wakes up once or twice in the night to eat. he'll eat at 5:30 or 6 then sleep till 8. i get up at 6 wide awake. this is one of my favorite times of day. ill clean up the kitchen and house, then cook breakfast, have some coffee and worship Jesus and spend time in His word. im going through a 90 day with Jesus, the one and only by Beth Moore. Its really good. short but gets me started in the Word.

we just hired on staff violet. she would come a few times a week to clean and do laundry. now that the baby is here she is helping with him. its been wonderful. when i first moved to kitale i would use her here and there so ive been building a trusting relationship with her to be able to leave her with elisha. today she's going to cook us samosa's. they're a traditional food that is in the shape of a triangle and kinda like an eggroll but has seasoned ground beef inside. tasty.

this past sunday we got to go pick up ian, one of our boys that lived with us that we picked off the streets. he is doing wonderful. we took him to lunch and to our house to watch transformers then we took him back to school. he's a class prefect. not sure exactly what that is but its something thats really really good in school that you earn.

well gotta get home to my boy. more to come.

joyful at home,



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