18 March 2008

another week

well, another week has gone by here in kitale. its still so wonderful to be home. its amazing how naturally it is for us to pop back into life here. feels like we never left. its crazy to think in a couple months it was three years ago that i first came to kenya. bud made this blog but seems im the only one writing on it now. he'll be writing soon. thanks for those that have made comments, we love to hear from people so POST A COMMENT if you're reading this!!! makes us feel some type of connection to back home.

the mattaw project is going as slow as a hurd of turtles in molases! but we know its all in God's timing. i went to a meeting last week for the children's department. all the children's ministries met together. the district children's officer is the one to approve and help open our home. we have to wait for construction to be somewhat completed before he can approve and we can register children. long process but we pray itll go at the right pace and smoothly. we're still waiting for the funds to come in for a water well, electrtricity and a few other things. i can tell bud is getting impatient not being able to be out at the property working. he loves to be busy. but its been a great time of getting settled, seeing old friends, and spending good time with elisha. this week funds are being transferred to be able to complete the first house. bud is trying to get a motorcycle to be able to travel back and forth to the property. its about a 10-15 min. drive from our house. our friend stephan in uganda has one he's selling so we'll see if it works out. im not too excited for bud to have a motorcycle in kenya but i know itll help us out a lot with being able to get things done.

hollie and i are still running/walking most days. yesterday we were running and i ran into jeremiah, the oldest brother of a family that is sponsored by the caldwells through transformed international. there's 5 brothers and sisters that live in a tiny two bedroom mud walled hut. they moved from where they were. jeremiah took us to their house. its actually about a 5 min walk down the street from where we live. it was heart breaking to visit them. they all look sick, wearing rags on their back, sitting in a dark, hot shack. made me want to go and get rid of a lot that we have in our house. its so different the two lives between us and them and we're right down the street. i did realize once again that guilt is not of the Lord. so to have compassion and not guilt. they're able to go to school and get food through transformed ministry, but we hope to take them some other things to help them out. jeremiah told me that his 24 yr old sister died this past year and left behind her son who is maybe a few months older than elisha but much smaller. i kept asking about him. he wasnt scared of us, being that we're white. if they would of offered i think i would of taken him!!! thats why God kept them from asking! what? we already have one, elisha could have a twin brother! i mean, they look so much alike! no, not really, but i do hope to help them out more, not out of guilt but compassion.

the beginning of april we'll be going to nairobi for a wedding. kenyan friends of ours that live here in kitale and work for our friends from holland, daniel and marlies, are getting married. their names are mwangi and pauline. its good timing too because elisha will be needing his next set of shots. pray that they'll have all the ones we need and we'll find a good doctor for him. we'll be driving our car there. ian our little boy in school here, will be just getting off for break from school for a month so we might be taking him too. this will be a HUGE trip for him!

ill post pictures as soon as we get internet in our house. we're having to wait for a phone line to be installed then waiting for the papers to go through for the internet provider. could take awhile. then we'll be able to write more and put up more pictures when we get that. more to com.

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lauriebrooke said...

Commenting! I check this thing everyday to see if there is a new post, its awesome getting to know whats going on - keep up the blogging, its a great source of encouragment! other than the obvious prayers for your home and ministry...is there any "action" things we can do over here as far as water wells etc. are concerned? I would love to help where i can, let me know! I love you the most... :) Our God reigns doesnt he? This has been a major reminder in my prayers this week - i realize we all know this but i just thought i would plant this here for you as well. If you get a chance listen to the song by Brandon Heath! Talk about God bumps all over :) Hope all is going well! kiss my "date" for me! :)
~ Laurie "BIRD!"

Chris, Keely, Eli said...

So you asked us to comment... well i know that we do not really "know" each other face to face... but i check your blog almost daily. i guess there is a heart connection between God and Africa that draws me to keep up with your sweet little family and the amazing ministry that you are a part of in Kenya. You are all in my prayers and hopefully one day we can meet face to face... if not on Earth then for sure in Heaven! Im not sure if you need any other resources, but i have some friends that are apart of Nairobi Lighthouse Church who run an orphanage in Nairobi. Just a thought if you want their info just let me know. Have a blessed day... and from my Eli to yours we send our greetings!

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