04 March 2008

Its 4am here in Kenya. We're staying at the Mayfield baptist guesthouse. its like staying in a home. the food is good, the prices good, everything except if you're up at 3 am you cant make a peep because sound echoes throughout everywhere. im like a little kid the night before christmas, waiting to go to kitale in about 3 hours. for about 6 months we've pretty much lived out of a suitcase so itll be great to get back into our house. elisha still kinda has a stopped up nose. tonight though he figured out it was night time and decided to sleep through the night (except for waking up a few times to eat then going right back to sleep). I'm excited for Thursday, we'll probably get to go and visit Ian in school. If you dont remember or havent heard the story, Ian is one of the street kids we took into our home. After living in our house for awhile we put him in a boarding school which was right before we left to go to the states this past August. He's been doing really well and improving. Im excited to visit him and show him that we kept our promise that we'd be back in Kenya. When we said goodbye to him he cried, worrying that we wouldnt be back. We have a container from america on the way. (a container is shipped by boat and looks like what trains transport). In it is a remote control car for Ian. We told him if he was good and tried his best in school that we'd bring him something. He had heard about cars that you can control and is very curious about them so thats what he requested. Also on the container is a playground and a lot of supplies for the children's home. Please pray it makes it to the port of Mombasa and especially pray that we can get it out of customs with no hassle. Below is a picture that's self explanitory of why I'm awake! more to come. -kimberly
Elisha first night in Africa. First time to sleep under a mosquito net and wow there's a lot of them at night right now.


Terri L Tindall said...

Since I know first hand about living out of a suitcase for weeks on end and how good it feels to be back in your home, back in your bed and since I know first hand the hassles that come with shipping a container, its arrival, and getting it out of customs, I will be praying for you to arrive home safely and to receiver your container hassle free. God is good, all the time....all the time, God is good.


Candace King said...

I am so proud of you both. I am praying with you for the children. Bud, I love you so much. Kimberly, I love you and you are a true gift from God. Thank you both for saying yes to Jesus and the call he has for your lives. Words can never express the love I have in my heart for the 3 of you. Please kiss Elisha for me and tell him who I am and how much I love him.
For the kids...
Love, Candace

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