04 February 2014

Maria makes me smile!

I can hardly stand it!

Look at those cheeks and that gorgeous smile!  We are continuing to share more about Mattaw over on the Mattaw website:  mattawchildren.com.  So check out today's post about our babies!  For those of you that have been following us this past year, this is baby Maria that was placed in our care in August last year.  Her mom tried to abort her and we are thankful it was unsuccessful!  She came to us at 51 days old.  She had been abandoned in the hospital since the day she was born and had not gained an ounce because of two infections she picked up while sitting in the newborn ward.  What a healthy and happy baby she is now!  But if you only knew how long it took to capture that precious smile.  Maria usually has a very serious look on her face.  We can tell she's a thinker.  Consider sponsoring our babies!  It currently costs us $1,000 a month to care for the four babies.  This includes diapers, formula, food, dr visits, medicines, general supplies and paying our staff.  We are asking for sponsorships at $50 a month.  At Mattaw we do sponsors per child but with the baby home, the sponsorship would go towards all the babies and you would receive monthly email updates on how all of our babies are doing.  When they transition into a family unit at Mattaw Children's Village, they will then be able to be sponsored individually.  We are not sure when they will transition out but it will at least be a year or longer.  If interested, please contact Lisa, our sponsorship coordinator.  Her email is:  sponsorship@mattawchildren.com.  If you are already a sponsor, we need to fill 20 slots of $50 per month to reach our current budget for our babies.  Consider how you could share the stories and pictures of our babies with your friends and families to help us find 20 sponsors!

Rescue a life.  Redeem a soul.  Release the Kingdom.


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