03 February 2014

Frankline Update!

Hey yall,

Just a follow up on the story I shared of Frankline a few days ago.  I am incredibly thankful at the response to this child which is another reason we know God's hand is so leading this child and providing every way.  

This morning Bud and I went with our managers to meet Frankline and share the good news about his school fees.  We wanted to also meet the mom.  We didn't find Frankline but eventually found the mom.  She had left right before we got there to go to town for the day to collect the food scraps she would feed herself and her children that night.  The first thing we found that was surprising is that she's twenty eight years old. This means she had Frankline around 14 or 15 years old.  I was not expecting to find his mom to be younger than I am!  We then talked with her awhile and heard her faith and strength.  She was orphaned at 5 years old and escaped tribal wars from Mt. Elgon.  She grew up a house girl and never went to school.  Last year she began learning her abc's and now goes to an adult school at a catholic center where she's learning to read.  She was so thankful to hear the good news that Frankline would be able to go to a boarding school next week.  If she could, I know she would personally thank each one of you that have given to make this dream of hers come true for her son.  I asked if she has anything she hopes to do with the rest of her life.  What she shared broke my heart that that was all she wanted in life and has had to fight so hard for.  

She shared, "I have three goals, one is to have shelter to live in with my children, two is for my three children to get an education and three is to have food to eat."  

She now carries around a very old worn out purse with her documents stating from different legal offices what she's been through with tribal clashes and such.  The children's department almost placed her younger children in a home a few years ago because of how bad they were doing but she was happy to still have her children with her.  She joyfully pulled out the pictures of all three children to show us.  We asked about the food situation and if she ever gets sick.  She shared that she goes to a place in the trash bin and the vegetable market and will find scraps and put them together and praise God for them right there out loud.  She said people will tell her she's gone mad in her head but she knows its how God has provided for her.  She said she always thanks God for the food and blesses it and rarely gets sick.  Some mornings, she said she will wake up with a fever but just prays and talk to God and tell him how he's her only solution and within the day she's healed.  We were all so amazed at her testimony.  At one point I had to take Bud's sunglasses, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore.  

We plan to continue visiting this precious family and helping as God leads.  As we walked out of the area she lives in, she grabbed my hand and in the little english she knew said thank you and God bless all that have helped.  I couldn't find the words to explain how much she's taught me today.  I'm forever grateful to know this woman and once again, have a different outlook on life.  You can bet our prayer before we eat dinner tonight will be with deeper gratitude than it was yesterday. 

I can't thank you enough for being a part of this family and changing lives not just here on earth but eternally.  

Tomorrow Frankline will go get a health check up that his new school requires and then he will begin doing shopping for all he needs at school.  I'm so thankful he will be able to get EVERYTHING on the list!  He will start next week on Monday and you can for sure look for a picture of one happy boy in his new uniform!


hwkirk said...

So glad you follow God's leading. I know Frankline will excel in school and one day pay it forward to others.

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