06 September 2013


This week we had to take a trip to Nairobi for various reasons. Although mostly business and admin related, we took the opportunity to get some time away. Our life gets a bit crazy and hectic but as we rely on Gods leading, when He says its time to take a rest, we go. It's such a balance as to how we make family priority. So many things and people and business that need much time and attention and our children and marriage could so easily be pushed to the side. It's been eight years since moving here and six years since we started our family and we are still learning as we go. As difficult as it gets and times I question "what am I doing here with my children?!"  Joy trumps sorrow, saying yes to Jesus is worth it, and seeing His hand at work in our lives daily is humbling. 

It's been a pretty simple trip as we have camped out at an Eco campsite just outside Nairobi. I love it not feeling we are in the hustle and bustle of crazy city life. Our kids love to camp. Although night three involved a lot of kids waking up and making messes. Our kids have enjoyed things like making new friends from Australia, frozen yoghurt shop, chasing monkeys and getting a new reading book.  They also got to go and play in what is like a McDonald's play place.  They still don't have much concept of civilization and what's not. Claire keeps asking to go see grandma and nene and doesn't understand why we aren't getting on a plane!  Oh how we miss family and friends. 

Here's a few pics of this week...

We are missing Kitale home though and Claire is always finding things and asking if we can buy for baby Maria and Moses. Speaking of our babies... A few days before traveling here, Moses smiled and cooed for me for the first time!  Oh my heart!  It exploded. I managed to get a quick snap of that precious smile. 

And every difficulty and heart ache melt away as I snuggle this sweet life and see Jesus' great love shine through. And then I think, why would I ever question our being here. But the enemy is sneaky to plant doubt. We must be quick to notice his schemes and stomp them out. I've seen Him overcome so many difficulties in our life, I can only keep trusting and believing in His love.  His love NEVER ever fails. 

And that's a wrap for a bit of an update on our life today!  


NeNe said...

Glad you got some family time. Sounds like fun. And I'm glad that Claire thinks of us too!

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