08 July 2013


It's bedtime and I finally got internet to click on long enough to load pictures from today.  

I have about 10 blogs over the past couple of weeks that I've attempted to post but either can not find the words for what I've seen and been part of, I'm tired with a sick baby, the power is off or the internet is off.  So at least I'm getting these one here today.  It's just way too good not too!   Excuse my grammar and speech as I'm a tad tired!  Did I mention it's bedtime?  And it's 9:32pm.  We have a group of wonderful people here... two teams combined to make 30 people.  It's an absolute wonderful week.  These people rock.  Like they just love and serve at every turn.  But back to today and what I'm posting about....

Last week at the widows meeting it was stinkin awesome.  Jesus showered love and healing on them all.  Testimonies flowed out of the room and we encountered heaven on earth.  We invited them to come to Mattaw to fellowship with the team here.  They've come a few times before to Mattaw but it had been quite awhile.  They had also been asking Dorcas to please let them come and present Ezra with a gift since it is very much part of their culture to do something special for mamas with new babies.  It was such a huge blessing to receive a txt message in the midst of that time Ezra was in the hospital (which seems ages ago) from one of our house moms letting me know the widows had been praying for Ezra.  So today we first met with them.  The widows ministry is Christy's main thing which she/we have much to share on where the Lord has led her in this ministry and meeting needs of widows.  She brought a word of encouragement from the bible on joy.  It was perfect for today.  Then we worshiped and prayed.  The team then gave out scarves.  Then Christy arranged lunch for them where we served them chapati and lentils.  After them feeding us many times in their homes, it was great to be able to serve them.  Then the visitors gave scarves and the teams went to town and to do other things.  

 Christy and I continued to meet with them and that's when they did this whole presentation to Ezra.  I was floored by their giving.

They did this song in their native language that talked about how you have to wrap your baby up and carry him in something big.  Then they brought out this brand new soft blanket and wrapped him up and passed him around.

I almost lost it!  Such a sweet sweet sweet time.

Then they pulled out this precious outfit to lay on him and pray for him.  I have so much to learn from them in the way they give although they might not have much.

Then they each brought a whole bag of stuff to donate to the children at Mattaw.  Then I REALLY almost lost it!  Look at all they brought and gave so joyfully.  I mean that was the most joyful baby gift giving I've EVER seen.  And the most joyful giving of food.  Did I mention I have SO much to learn from them? 

 Maize, kale, bananas, avocados and potatoes.  

And then I left and Christy continued to fellowship and pray with them since it was her last time with them for a bit.  Which is a subject I've totally been avoiding!  She's about to go back to the states for awhile.  Not sure when she'll be back but it'll be sooner than later :).  We so love the heart she has for these precious widows and are thrilled to see God lead her.  And how much she loves the Mattaw children too.  Christy is very much part of the family and we will miss her oh so much.

And now for reals.  I'm off to bed.

Soon and very soon I will have many stories for ya.

Oh and that part about having a sick baby.  He had a cold and so much better today.  Figured my mom read that up at the top of this post and has kept reading hoping I'd share how he is.  So no need to jump on the next plane to come take care of your grandson :).



NeNe said...

Such a great story.. Beautiful women... Love in action... Jesus must have really enjoyed that day too, I know he was surely present in a big way!

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