16 May 2013

Blessing and Claire

Hey yall,

I know, its been awhile :).  I can say we've gotten back into life here in Kenya now.  Trying to adjust to "Kenyan time", meaning how slow things take, but really I dont think we'll ever be adjusted to that!  Maybe adjusting to having a good attitude about it is what we can do :).  Like how long it takes people to fix your internet only to have it fixed and it take until Christmas to get anything downloaded or posted.  Ha.  Yes, attitude adjustment coming right up!  I just discovered an app for this bligity blog of ours so I believe more updates are in order.  The phone internet is much more reliable, just slow too.  And then there's kids... last night was trying to download on my phone and my daughter in her sassy pants was trying to do a princess dance for me and says "mama! put your phone down!".  So I did :).  Speaking of the little princess.  This morning I hung out with her and all the littlest kiddos at Mattaw.  I managed to snap this pic of Claire and Blessing.  TOO CUTE!  I remember putting our Lucy lu in the dress Blessing has on when we first got Lucy.  

We are trying to get back into a good routine before teams come.  Our first one shows up in a few weeks.  Looking forward to a good summer.  I can say on a personal note that having a baby and having teams around will be much better than being pregnant and having teams around!  At least I can pass the baby around :).

Better go get to dinner cookin since there's no drive throughs or call for pizza.... or our parents feeding us :).  Got my bread machine back out, dusted the dirt off and it's working daily again!

Going to start updating the blog on the Mattaw website more now so head on over to see the most recent....  www.mattawchildren.com.


Melissa G. said...

Jay and I were in Kitale and visited Mattaw the week Blessing came. I can't believe the change! Praise the Lord!

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