18 May 2013

Baby Food

The title is exactly what this post is about. Baby food. Nothing about ministry here. Just a little post to bring some mommies of babies a recommendation. I'm on my third baby and still learning new things. A sweet friend gave me the cookbook "Weelicious" by Catherine McCord. I love it!  I used it once in Texas but since being back in Kenya have used it a lot. I love her variety of healthy and simple recipes. And kid friendly. But not kid friendly like you might think, it's fun and healthy. If there is such a thing. Which there is!  I believe with sickness it can be due to spiritual attack, living in a fallen world or you just flat out need to be eating better. (There might be more reasons but those are the three major ones to me). So being back here, I have been focusing in on what options I put in front of my six kids.  Anywho, I could really go on and on. What I like about her though is she isnt over the top for me and totally works living here. Super health nuts might not like that some of her recipes use sugar or flour but overall its good for ya.  The first recipes she shares in her book is on baby food. And the very first recipe is brown rice cereal.  Well duh. Why didn't I think of this. Before I have bought the baby rice cereal in a box here which is super expensive or had people bring it over. Not anymore!  All you do is get brown rice. Soak it (because there's a lot of reasons why it's good to soak your rice, and especially beans). Then finely grind it in food processor. (Store in container in fridge or a cool dark place). 

To make one servin for a 4-6 month old, in small saucepan bring half a cup of water to a boil and sprinkle in two tablespoons of the rice powder. Whisk thirty seconds straight then whisk occasionally for 4-5 min until its creamy to prevent lumps. I mashed about a third of banana to mix in with but she also recommends breast milk, formula, molasses, rice milk or almond milk, or applesauce. 

Simple as that!  And its packed with iron, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals. No more nutritionally stripped white cereal or spending way too much on pretty packaging and advertisement for this momma!  

Second night to feed Ezra this and he is now eating like a boss. Which means he's sleeping longer at night. Which means I'm just that much more pleasant to be around :). 

Happy weekend to you all. I'm looking forward to fellowshipping with our mattaw family in the morning!  It's always a rockin Jesus party :). 


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