25 March 2013

New heart :)

Where to even start.  No doubt Jesus has carried us through this.  At this very moment, all is fantastic!  He had a really rough night of not sleeping and being in pain since they are trying to wean him off the strong stuff.  Which means I didn't sleep.  I'm pretty proud of myself for exercising some self control in that I did not throw the monitor out the window.  Every time I'd get him settled and somewhat asleep, the thing monitoring his heartbeat and oxygen would get tangled and messed up, making this LOUD obnoxious noise.  They finally had pity on us at 4am and turned the alarm off knowing he is fine.  I finally got to go get some coffee just now and go figure, he's sound asleep now that I'm all pumped up with caffeine!  But thank the Lord, he is peacefully sleeping now.  Oh and let me just say I have now heard the saddest little whimper come out of a baby EVER.  His sweet little cry of pain is the saddest thing.  

Melt. My. Heart.  

This picture is by far one of the sweetest moments of my life.  Which I CLEARLY remember this similar moment we had when he was in here for RSV.  Having to watch your baby in pain, knowing he's hungry and needs mama to pick him up and not be able to is a total shot to the heart (yes, that 80's song is now in my head).  But then that moment of picking him up and him nestling up under my chin was pure bliss!  

So without my further rambling, here's some of an update I sent to our church family that I just want record on here so I can remember one day.  This was sent Saturday night.
An update on our little warrior, Ezra. He had heart surgery Thursday as y'all know. We went in at 10 and because of some emergency cases, we were delayed getting him in so the waiting was a bit hard, Papa's presence carried us through though. He got in around 4 and was out by about 8. All went well but he did have hypertension (high blood pressure) during surgery. We thought we'd be in the icu longer but our Healer showed up :-). Overnight his blood pressure improved big time and today they were able to remove all the IV's!  All glory to God. For reals. I just know The Lord has been with Ezra every second of this and all is well. So much comfort and peace in agreeing with that truth. At K2, back in November I think, I had an encounter with Jesus where He sent an angel that was repairing a spot in my heart (from much pain this past year) that was upper left... same place Ezra had surgery :).  Of course at the time I was pregnant and had no idea we'd being going through this now. So Papa has spoken a lot to me personally through all this on how he repairs our hearts but then there's major recovery after He does deep heart work on us. I didn't even think going into this how the recovery would be just as serious as the surgery.  Of course it would be, just hadn't made it to that step in my mind yet. He's had to be monitored incredibly close and had about three tubes coming out of him, oxygen, four IV's- one going direct to his heart, and forehead thing monitoring his brain. Well huge praise today is that I'm now out of icu with him and in a room getting to hold him and snuggle him close!  The last 48 hours felt forever having to just watch him and not pick him up. I can say my heart stayed at peace in The Lord though and for sure having y'all's prayers and encouragement was HUGE through this. Today I was able to start nursing him again and the little chub and fighter that he is isn't having one bit of problem eating. I guess the main thing now that I ask prayer for is that blood pressure would be completely normal and not need medicine. The dr said yesterday that he would be shocked if we don't go home having to give blood pressure meds for 3-6 months. Well I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that his heart would align with heaven and be whole, working properly, and with no problems of blood pressure. Amen!  

This morning we got to take a trip across the hospital to get an EKG done.  So cool how they can do a sonogram of the heart and see every little detail.  His heart is working beautifully.  I actually was able to see the exact place they repaired and how it is now just perfect!  Glory to God.  Prayers answered over and over again.  

We are just waiting for the Dr to come by today and give us an idea of when we head on outta here.  We are guessing by tomorrow!  

Thank you all that have been praying fervently for our baby boy.  We know this will just make him stronger and his scar will be a reminder of the victory Jesus brought him through in this.  Also a HUGE thanks to those that have come by and loved on us.  Already I haven't felt alone, knowing the very presence of Jesus is around us, but to have people from several different churches around come by has just added sweetness to our time here.  And hello normalcy, a friend was able to get me out of the hospital once to go to Target.  That did my physical being some good :).  Oh and it was super target.  That was a super blessed time :).  

Will talk more Kenya next post.  Yes, Kenya is coming up QUICK!  We are still counting down to days to get back home there :).  


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