14 November 2012

Random update #570

Well, its been awhile, my posts have become further apart just not knowing where to start.  This will be a pretty random update but figured if I waited to gather my thoughts all nice and neatly, i'd never update on here :).

This has definitely been one of the best trips home so far and at the same time one of the hardest to be away from our Kenyan family.  Bittersweet.  We could not be more grateful for our church family here that has embraced us with love.  Also those around the nation that continue to stand with us and love our Mattaw babies.  Its been a joy meeting new people.  Been encouraged to meet new pioneers in this land, on the journey with Jesus to bring His Kingdom.  Our church family here has testimonies weekly of those in our city being healed, saved and delivered in Jesus name.  Even just got an email of one saved yesterday!  THANK goodness we get to see people here awake to bring the Kingdom of Jesus!  Sometimes its been a dread to come back to America but my, how fun to see people walk out what Jesus tells us to do no matter where you are.  It's not just the job of missionaries and pastors :-).    

There's so much that has been going on at Mattaw.  God continues to wow us and do beyond all we can think or imagine.  It's been encouraging to receive updates from our family there often.  The tension though of driving through starbucks in a nice comfy car and receive an email with a picture of one of our new children that is being restored from a life of basically slavery.  Took everything within me not to jump on the next plane to go embrace this new one.  Maybe one day I will be able to share more on the recent lives rescued this year but for now, we just say praise Jesus for the lives, the souls, literally snatched from the pit of hell.  Learning once again to be content wherever we are.  

I mentioned our friend Christy who is there on the ground right now.  It's beautiful how the Lord wove our pathways together.  She originally was led to Kenya for other reasons and was just led to come be a part of our church and ministry school at Mattaw.  She knew Jesus' presence was there :-), that always encourages my heart big time to hear people acknowledge how honoring and welcoming we are of Jesus' presence.  It's just so sweet!  Then the timing of transitioning her from what she originally went for to helping us out was just God's timing in every way.  So at the moment she is plowing away with us in the vision for Mattaw.  One of the biggest hearts she has is for the widows which is just so fun how God brought that part of our overall dream for Mattaw to our attention more this year before Christy came.  He is faithful to bring the right people for the right season.  You can read up on her recent updates and get to know her heart a little more by reading her blog:  www.simplylove-christy.blogspot.com.

Some testimonies that stood out lately:

*2 salvations at Mattaw church, some adults coming from the surrounding village

*new child rescued and brought into our Mattaw family

*widows being relieved from their distress with the love of Jesus and also from monetary burdens

*our leadership standing together and gaining understanding of the power of prayer and healing in Jesus.  they prayed for someone overseas they knew to come out of a coma and come to find out, he woke up in the middle of the time they were praying!

*i asked Christy today to share a testimony of Mattaw and she said some of the biggest praises to God is to see the newest little ones rescued this year that came in with big bloated malnourish bellies are now healed up, have lost their bloated bellies and are healthy.  Another thing she shared is that if she could summarize one thing at Mattaw right now it'd be the continued restoration (that God started back in March) and WHOLENESS.  Love it.

As for our little family, we continue to adjust to life here for a bit.  But not getting too comfortable, Kenya is in our conversations daily and in our heart.  Its funny to hear Elisha speak out the differences he notices.  Like peanut butter being different, there being actual garbage trucks (that he's seen on tv), calling tortillas- chapati, him pointing out how there are a lot of white people here.  And Claire yesterday mentioned out of the blue how much she missed her Violet (the Kenyan mama that helps me watch her).  Also the song came on "Jesus loves the little children... all the children of the world" yesterday and Elisha yells with excitement that that's a song from his school at Mattaw.  I'm learning from them how to miss Kenya and yet still enjoy here.  They do a pretty good job of it!  Oh and then Claire was trying to roll down the window in the car saying she wanted to look at animals and Elisha corrects her in a very serious tone "Claire, there are no animals in the grass out there, we aren't in Africa anymore, the animals live in zoos here".  Ha, made me chuckle.  As for baby number three, all is going well there.  After two kids it's just not as big of a deal, i know the drill... get big, get fluffy, eat right (most of the time), no sushi, less caffeine, uncomfortable sleeping, thrills of baby kicking reminding me he/she is there, and then out he/she comes.  There is an end is the truth of the matter :).  Still being patient to wait on the surprise of if baby is a boy or girl.  Never thought I'd be so patient but finding the fun in it.  Now, as for the grandma and nene, they are on edge to find out and buy gifts already :).  Not giving into the pressure though!  

Here are some random pictures taken over the past weeks...

Claire's bestie, Sophia.  (who just happens to be the daughter of one of my besties ;).  conveniently.) 

 Our son Caleb out at our friend's ranch with us.  SO good to be back with him.  He's doing awesome here.

 Ran a 5k last weekend with one of my dearest friends, Lauren.  Had so fun doing it with her but was regretting it the following day as far as the soreness went!

 Claire and Elisha have gotten lots of time in with both grandparents.  Here's my mom treating her to a pedicure.  Bitty baby got one too ;-).

 We celebrated Caleb's birthday last week!  So fun to be in Texas with him to do that.  We surprised him with his girlfriend flying in and staying with us and then celebrated at our other Kenyan friend's house who has lived here several years now.  (Caleb and her come from the same village, long story there.  but she's family too :) )

And we went to a circus last night.  Kids enjoyed.  That's all I have to say.

And yesterday was rocked and encouraged so much to see this picture on Facebook.  It's Mama Heidi in Mozambique.  One of my heroes of the faith.  This little girl was deaf and now can hear!  I think this was at a bush conference they had this past week.  Read up on her for some radical Jesus stories, like whole muslim villages coming to know Jesus.  (and most of them started out stoning her)  


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