21 November 2012


Psalms 7:9-10
9Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,
But establish the just;
For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.
10 My defense is of God,
Who saves the upright in heart

If you've followed us for long, you'd probably know how much my heart aches to get into Congo to do what we do in Kenya there.  (12 years since God put it on my heart and still waiting patiently to go!)  So with all the recent wars breaking out... again... its strong on my mind.... again.  We have dear friends of ours that just took a team into Goma, Congo from IHOP (not the pancake place :), the prayer place in Kansas City).  They're establishing 24/7 prayer houses there and much more along the way (their family updates:  http://www.iEnable.org/en/ and the team they lead: (http://actsschool.com/).  Also, have a friend rescuing child soldiers, helping women and children and starting schools there (justicerising.org).  Both legit groups that I highly recommend getting involved with if you want to give to the immediate need in Goma right now.

So if you don't like to go searching around reading news, here's the short on Goma.  Goma is a major city in eastern DRC (democratic republic of congo).  Congo is a country in Africa, btw.  Well, Congo is one of the most riches lands in resources... copper, rubber, timber, diamonds, gold, gems, and high percentage of some computer component found in all your phones and laptops (can't think of the name, like my explanation?).  There's been war and bloodshed in this country for years and years, the wealth of the land's resources being a major reason for it.  I think I heard its one of the longest on going wars in Africa, don't quote me though.  I do know it's the second worst place in the world for a woman to live.  The rape capital of the world.  Yeah, gut wrenching huh?  So last week the M23 group (march 23 movement aka the rebels) increased in Goma and attacked it resulting in taking it over on Monday.  People are hiding under their beds, there is no water, food or electricity and the war is still going on.  I read a Facebook status yesterday that I was saddened to hear "Praying for Gaza and DR Congo. At the turn of the century 5% of fatalities of war were civilians, today 90% of fatalities of war are civilians--mainly women and children (UNICEF). It's always the innocent ones forced to pay the price for someone else's war. Feeling God's heart break for these precious ones and declaring peace and life! "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done Lord, ON EARTH as it is in heaven!"

So pray, pray, pray.

Here's a few links to read more (this is not to say we agree with all reports found int these links)

Prayer at IHOP a few days ago for the team I mentioned that was just there:

The guy they mention, Daniel (friend of ours I mentioned above), made it out yesterday.  The whole town was shut down, the UN had pulled out, he had to go undercover.  His wife shared that he made it out on a motorcycle and witnessed some of the violence on the way out.

Continue to pray for the many victims there still hiding out and under attack from the rebels.  Praying and believing for God to save this nation, to bring justice and peace.


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