26 November 2012

Little Blessing

The day before we left Kenya, I got to get my last snuggles in with our little Blessing.  Her new mama Grace is very much her mama now, that is obvious.  Grace shared of what a transformation Jesus has made in this little life in such a short time.  She came to us timid and feisty.  She did not like to go to her  new siblings and would often hit them with her fragile little arms.  Within a few months though, she now loves her new parents and siblings.  How sweet it is to see a child go from sitting in her own waste out in the rain in a ditch in the slum to being loved and cherished in a family.  She now knows how much she is loved and lets everyone around her love her.  Her voice is still raspy from all the crying she did the majority of her first two years of life due to starvation.  But now hunger is a long lost memory that she doesn't have to worry about again.  The girl is well fed, I am certain.  Twice a week we have on the menu for the children to eat chapati.  This is their version of a tortilla, a huge treat for the average Kenyan.  Blessing is often found sneaking in behind her mama while they make them and gets her appetizers before dinner starts.  And her big sisters love her dearly, she has learned all of their names and is very sad when they all have to go to school.  While getting in my last snuggles with her, I noticed her big sisters had done her hair, just like any big sisters would do for their baby sister.  I don't know how they did it with that sweet soft hair but they managed to get her hair did.  And how she kept them in and didn't pull at them, thats a mystery I need to know for Claire.

In other news, we now have available for people to donate to the Mattaw Children in honor a friend or loved one.  You can click here and scroll to the end of the page to read how:  http://www.mattawchildren.com/donate-now


NeNe said...

What a little doll. Thanks for sharing her smile.

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