09 June 2012

Wageni <--- Visitors

I figured I better write this before our team arrives today.  We're thrilled to have our first Servant Life team of the summer!  They will send us six teams this summer and then we'll have four more teams coming that are ministry/church friends of ours.


We have quite a few visitors around here apart from teams, so since I haven't had much time to talk about them, I decided I'd share all of their blogs so you can click around to see other peoples prospectives while they visit.  I'm so thankful for the group here, though some will be leaving soon, we're thankful for the time they came.  Click on the names below to go to their blog...

Keela and Annamarie


Bryce, Spesh and Cap

Last week we took a day off with the international team around here and went on a hike.  It's a little over an hour away in a region called Pokot.  It's not a super well known place so it was nice to go, not pay any fees to enter (except the $2 to the guy watching his cows, to watch our vehicle as well), and we had to whole place to ourselves.  (minus the little boy watching his goats)

The views are breathtaking and my favorite is to hike around the waterfall.  There's a place at the top where we hiked to first.  Spesh let her son refresh in the water.  He loved it.

 My handsome husband...
 Keela and Lisa...
 We then hiked down to another part of the waterfall where you can walk behind it.  I didn't manage to take a photo there.  Then we hiked up and around to the other side where we took lunch and could view the waterfall from a distance.  (sorry Anna, your eyes are closed in this picture!  you can thank Bud for that)

It was very relaxing to get away and be in God's creation.  Kenya is a beautiful place!  Now we are all in team prepping mode.  Pray for this week and our group coming mostly from Mississippi (i had to quote charlotte's web to spell that) and Kentucky.  One from TEXAS and Alabama too.


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