14 May 2012

Random photo dump

I really haven't had much time to take pictures of the late, apart from what I've taken on my phone.  Between wiping noses, cooking dinner, driving police to take in criminals (happened TWICE this past week, long wild stories), hugging on girls rescued from modern day slavery, repainting the front porch, and prepping for teams this summer... lugging around a big camera just didn't happen.  And updating on here hasn't either.  I know my mom is itching for some new pictures.  So here ya go...

 Elisha was given his first bicycle this past Christmas.  The problem was, he was given it in America.  Since I had an unexpected trip a few months ago to Texas, I was able to bring it back.  Finally last week, Bud got it assembled and he lives on it when he comes home from school!

(excuse the ratty hair)  Claire decided big brother was her chariot and he needed a crown.

Rainy season has come and is in full blown.  Our roads are mush.  And everything is stained red from the mud.  But its also so green and everything blooming.  It's a pretty time of year.

He's a charmer! 

Rainy season also means more milk!  And our promise land has increased with more calfs on the way.

I managed to master the skill of flying both kids on "airplane" (aka, my feet).  It's a good workout.

We have two college girls returning from last year to spend this summer with us, helping out.  They arrive tomorrow!  Keela and Anna are rockstars.  We're thankful to have them back.

We also have a team of girls coming for a week.  Yay for girls!

Our school has started and we've officially implemented the new curriculum.  Its GREAT and the kids love it.  I will talk more about that soon and how incredible it was the way God provided the funds for the material through a jr high girl.

This past weekend I was super blessed to have our friend Maurine from Mercy House in Nairobi visit!  The weekend went TOO fast!

And TODAY is my wonderful husband's birthday!!!!!!  Happy happy BIRTHDAY to you BABE!!!!!  I'm so thankful he was born!  We are getting a few nights away alone, first time in a long time, very thrilled about this!


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