31 May 2012


And the crazy summer has begun!  We had our first team last week from First Baptist Keller.  This is the church I graduated high school from.  It was a group of five women.  Many were blessed by the love and gifts they brought from across the sea.  Here's their fearless leader who just so happens to be one of Georgie's sponsors.  You can only imagine what a ham he was even more after finding out one of his sponsors was here.  He sure put on the pouty face well when they said goodbyes...

They blessed Mattaw with school supplies and teacher resources galore.  They spent the week loving and playing with the kids and helping in the school.  They also did some painting and mold scraping, servant hearts!  Thank you for all you did FBCK group!

We also have other individuals around.  Keel and Anna came in a few weeks ago.  They came to volunteer for a month last year and were rock stars so we invited them back when they expressed their leading from the Lord to come back.  We also refer to them as the crazy tie dye ladies.  They love tie dye and its not often we see them not wearing it.  Our kids were thrilled to have them back and we are too.  They came in and hit the ground running, helping and serving in any way they can.  I love these tie dye gals!  Pray for them as they will spend the summer with us, helping with teams and with other specific projects around Mattaw.
 Last week we had a group from San Angelo (the place we claim as home in Texas) drop through.  There was a big team we grabbed lunch with and then five of the team stayed back with us a few nights before jointing the rest of their team on Mt. Elgon.  It was good to have Aubrey around a few days.  She was one of our first interns back in 2007.  She was actually living with us when we rescued our sons Dan and Ian. They had become her little brothers so it was neat for her to spend a few days getting to communicate with the boys in english, since they knew about three english words in 2007.

Jesus is moving and shaking around here!  There's loads of testimonies I'll have to share soon.  This past week we were able to locate the siblings of one of our Mattaw girls in house four.  When their mom had died, they were all split up and we are all about reuniting family.  We've prayed for God to bring them back and sure enough He is.  The younger sister Faith, is five and you could see Viona's excitement when we brought her sister out to Mattaw a few days ago.  We just need their brother to be found again.  He was back in the slum where they used to live but has now run away to the streets.

Today we are off to Tar Tar falls, a waterfall in Pokot.  We have a family (Spesh and Bryce) here for a month that love the outdoors so we are getting some time away with them.


NeNe said...

So glad Viona has her sister. Viona will always be special to me because I was with you when you brought her to Mattaw.

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