22 March 2012

World Water Day

As we sat in London airport this morning, Elizabeth went for a walk and ended up refilling her water bottle at a fountain.  It occurred to her that after being in Kenya for over 6 months, she could now just walk up to a water spout and get clean, free drinking water.  And it was cold, bonus.  

Today is world water day.  I've mentioned several times about our friends at Until Then.  Since its world water day and that is one of their main projects, to provide clean free water to villages that have none, I thought I'd mention them again today.  

Many die from preventable diseases, caused by unclean water.  I'm not sure the statistic, but it's shocking.  We had to have a bore hole drilled at Mattaw to provide clean, safe water.  Where our house is, we have city water but have to filter it in order to drink it.  The simple things taken for granted in America.  


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