24 March 2012

Happy 2nd to my Sweat Pea

To my sweetest Sweat Pea, Happy 2nd Birthday!  

I dreamed of you before you were born.  I wished for a girl over and over and over again.  I could not have been more blessed with a sweet little girl.  Your dad and I have big hopes and dreams for you.  But I have a feeling we don't need to hope and dream for you in a way that you would be lacking that for yourself.  You are very independent and have a determination that I'm afraid you've inherited from both your daddy and I.  But I know that is a great thing, I see God using it for his purposes already.  You already are a little mommy to all twelve of your baby dolls and the Kenyan kids that are younger than you.  Right now we are fostering baby Chumba in our home.  Although he's slightly younger than you, you like to think you are in charge of him.  You lead him all over the house and backyard.  And in case he cries to let you know that's enough, you will simply stop, pat his head, say "shhh baby, pole, pole (sorry in swahili)" and continue to drag him around everywhere.  I've caught you pushing him on the ground and singing "lala toto, lala" (swahili lullaby that says sleep baby sleep).  You are hilarious and have us smiling daily at the things you say and do.  You try to make us think you know your ABC's by now but mostly just murmur the letters through the song with Elisha.  You can count to two and are proud of it.  Sometimes you'll skip a few numbers and yell five.  You like all things girly and know your color pink very well.  It's the only color you know the name of right now, but you sure know it.  Baby dolls are your absolute favorite toy.  You love your puppies that are becoming twice the size of you.  But they are still your puppies.  You also can hold your own ground, being the only little girl in our household of 9 people.  You love to play outside and dig in the dirt.  You are fearless.  Anything you can climb on and you are to the top.  Mud is your friend.  Rainboots are even more fun for you since they are an automatic thing that tells you you should be splashing in a puddle.  You are a world traveler and have done well taking the trip from the Kenya to Texas and back three times now.  Your main language has become swahili and you don't even realize it.  If someone is sitting in your seat you run up and yell "songa!" which means move over.  If outside and you see a bird, you say "ona juu!  ona ndege!" which means "look up, look at the bird".  Kenyans get a kick out of you when they greet you with "Sasa?" (what's up?) and you respond quickly and strongly with "Poa!" (I'm cool).  You love to drink chai daily and have to have your own big girl cup with a swirly straw.   You love your big brother.  Oh how you love him.  And oh how y'all love to make each other squeal.  You call him "I-sha".  Which reminds me how you say I love you so cute too:  "yuv-youuuuuu".  Anytime you see someone sad, you are sure to notice and will walk up and ask "was wong?", and say "pole" (sorry).  Being a little blonde in a land where that is rare, you are given much attention any place we go in public.  You handle it very well though, unlike your brother sometimes.  The Mattaw children are quick to pick you up and carry you everywhere.   Often you let them, other times you'd rather find a small child to pull around yourself.  Georgie is one of your best friends, he is very excited to see you when you make a visit out to Mattaw.  Lucy can't play as rough as the other children since she is still so fragile, but you still love tohold her hand and walk slowly around Mattaw with her.  You can sense those kind of things most of the time, what a sweet heart you already have!  You love to read books, not having a favorite yet, but you enjoy them all.  You don't like to sit long to watch a movie but when you get a chance to have a say in what we watch, you are sure to always pick either a princess movie or Dora the explorer.  You really have an interest in Dora which I'm hesitant to introduce another language to you but you are sure to pick her out at any opportunity there is where she's on a dvd, toy or your new training panties.  And yes, you are being potty trained.  You've had little interest but since I've been gone, you have taken more of an interest.  Way to go on peeing and pooping in your potty for the first time since I've been gone!  I have a little Dora doll to reward you with.  This morning we skyped and you kept making me show you Dora.  I just like it that you like her because its so so cute when you say Dora's name and roll the "R".  Like, really cute.  Almost as cute as when you say puppies and babies.  Overall you are a very content little girl.  Independence is usually the first characteristic someone will notice in you.  But I'm sure glad you like to cuddle with me too.  My little sweet pea you will always be.  I can hardly believe you are two already!

All my love,
Your Mommy

I researched and planned for your big day.  I thought I'd give you a pink lemonade party at our house since you love the color pink and lemonade is a special treat for you.  Rather than put so much time into decorating and baking a lot of treats, I decided to make it more about what you like to do.  We started out by having a date, just you and a few of my friends went to the coffee shop for chocolate chip pancakes and coffee.  You love coffee and though you don't get it unless you are sneaky, I decided to let you have it on your day.  You were excited to drink it and especially like the froth on top of the latte.  We then went to the Kitale Club for the day and spent the afternoon swimming.  You love to swim.  I made you a pink lemonade cake that you loved.

 God painted a beautiful sunset just for your day

I can hardly believe this was you just two years ago!

Lets not forget what a happy and chubby baby you were.

You were chubby enough for your brother to give you big hugs.  I was totally unsure what to do with that  mo-hawk you had.

Here you are, one years old

You love to brush your teeth with big brother

 And help Violet wash clothes
Violet helps me watch you during the weekdays.  You love your Violet.

 And you love to wear your swimsuit around and say you are a princess.  You also love to put on Mommy's shoes, especially my rainboots.  

You are not afraid to play hard and fall down.  
Being passed around by the Mattaw Children

Playing with Lucy Lou.

 Pink Princess!

 You've got a special place in your heart for Daddy. 


Claire Elizabeth Huffman is 2!

It was windy.... but she did get to blow out fire as she loves to do....


NeNe said...

I'm so glad to be in her world for a bit. She really is a a precious and delightful girl, and I see you in her every day.

Mary said...

Happy belated birthday to Claire!

Jenny said...

ohh kim! this was the cutest post!

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