01 February 2012

swings and sharon

It was so sweet the other day when Claire was swinging and I caught Lucy Lou go and push her while I had my back turned. She can push kids on the swing! Her life is a living miracle. Pray with us that she'll start speaking soon!

Elisha caught on too.

(we're back to dirty bums and feet, at ALL times)

At the end of October this past year, we took in two children, Sharon and Phillip. Phillip was fostered for a few months by a missionary family that lives in our neighborhood (I'll update on him soon) and Sharon stayed with us for a few weeks. You can read about them by clicking HERE. She is now living at Mattaw in house one and will transition to house four permanently here in a few weeks. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children transform by simply being placed in a loving and Jesus centered environment. I have so much to learn from the children. How quickly they forgive, forget and live so joyfully.

She has many many reasons to be a resentful, rebellious, sad little girl. But because of God's great love for her, she isn't. She is funny and is learning to love again.

She is often found laughing again.

I'm so grateful for the lives we get to see transformed over and over again. We have such a loving Father whose heart is near to the orphaned, poor and brokenhearted.

(we've got two new precious girls living in our home now. they've been here three days. i'll share about them SOON!)


NeNe said...

swinging is one of my favorite pass-times.
Love that smile on Sharon's face. God is good.

NeNe said...

Swinging is one of my favorite pass-times.
Love that smile on Sharon's face. God is good.

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