16 January 2012

Just an update

I figured I should write something to update on. I've kinda had writers block... or I guess it's called bloggers block?

It's been such a wonderful trip back to see family. We're bummed we missed a few places and faces, but next time!

We are feeling very refreshed. It's a new year with SO many great things ahead of us. We've seen some pretty big miraculous provisions (not just monetary) in the past several weeks... it's blown our minds! We have our eyes fixed on Jesus and Kenya in a deeper way as we pack our bags this week. Our hearts ache to get back to our "family" in Kenya.

We're blown away with the response to sponsoring our Mattaw children. THANK YOU big time to those that continue to sponsor and to those that just signed up. We are so grateful. We are currently sponsored enough to be able to open house FOUR soon after our return home. How exciting is that?! It's a great way to start the year out in Kenya.

We just got a little something in the mail that the Mattaw children made for their sponsors. We've been waiting for weeks and found that they were lost in the mail. We almost ended up sending out updates to sponsors without this little gift but got them just in time! So if you're a sponsor, some sweet stuff in on its way to you. We're on Kenyan time getting these out.

We've also had time to dream and plan with our board here. We're thankful for this group of men, or more like spiritual fathers to us and Mattaw. That has been a good solid start for the new year as well.

Last week we were in Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Alabama, and New Mexico. It was our most traveled week. We LOVED getting to meet with many and talk about Mattaw. So thankful to those that loved on us, encouraged us and hosted our little family. Very exciting to see the body of Christ doing what they were created to do.

This past weekend Bud and I celebrated five years of marriage! What a great celebration it is! We're thankful to have such amazing grandparents to our children. Both of our parents are now in the same town and were able to take turns watching our kids while we went on a little getaway. We spent the weekend in downtown Ft. Worth. It was one of the best times away with my husband. And not because of the location but because it was like falling in love for the first time again... but times FIVE! What a godly loving husband I get to walk out dreams and visions from Jesus with.


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