26 November 2011

dressy dress

A few weeks ago, Lindsay and I trekked down an ally with our two baby girls. We went to this little bitty shop where you can pick out fabric and have dresses tailor made. It was so fun! Claire was super cute getting her measurements taken. I just love watching her grow and I enjoy every stage so much. Here are the two dresses I had made for Claire. She was super excited to put them on and have her picture taken.

Their brother Caleb came over to see how stylish Claire was lookin in her African dresses.

And speaking of Caleb, he just took his SAT and did AWESOME. We're so proud of him. Just one step closer to going to college in America. Not so sure how we'll manage to let him go. Only God can help us send him off into his destiny! (i've got to get some updates on our other sons on here! (Ian and Daniel) )

I have SO much to update on! You might remember me mentioning how I've wanted to visit a group of widows in our surrounding village. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go and OH my it was a blessing. I was in heaven. We drove and drove and drove down and around many dirt roads until we came upon one of the womens little mud huts. It was a precious time. I'll share more about it later and show a few pictures. These ladies were hilarioius getting their picture taken, some for the first time ever.

Last weekend we took an overnight camping trip outside of Kitale. It was a quick trip but what a refreshing time of enjoying the outdoors and God's creation. Guava fights, s'mores, campfire stories, then hiking up to a waterfall the next morning. I'll have to share some pictures soon. Amazing the places you can find tucked away in this country. So much beauty.

And I'm thrilled about this coming week. Our friends, Dan and Linda Wilson will be here on Monday and spend a week with us. They are one of the most incredible couples I know. They've made a huge impact on our lives. They will do some teachings in our church which we've invited the surrounding villages to join. They'll also spend time with our house parents, encouraging and ministering to them. They're also Ian's sponsors and will meet him for the first time. Ian has been counting down the days! You can read more about them, their ministry and book that Dan wrote by going to: www.supernaturalmarriage.org. Looking forward to a phenomonal week! Oh and can't fogret to mention that one of our board members is in Kenya now and will also join us for next week. Jim has been a huge part of our lives and our journey in Kenya. He's been in Nairobi the past week and has stories to share about healings, salvations and lives restored. They'll all be a huge blessing to have around. Please pray for this coming week!


NeNe said...

All I can say is, I have a princess for a grand- daughter. How precious she is in her dresses. I'm so thankful for the blessings in store for you all in the week ahead., and also so proud of Caleb.

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