07 October 2011

Fruit and Flower Friday!

Yesterday I was able to snap a few shots for "fruit and flower friday" as we were packing up and heading out of Nairobi to Kitale (WITH the Erhardts!). So I thought I'd follow up and write a few things to go with the pictures.

So first things first. The Erhardt family has arrived! It was such a sweet time picking them up from the airport. (well, not the waiting part, it was late, kids cranky) But as soon as they came out from getting ALL bags and such, Elisha perked up and ran to give hugs to Collin, the Erhardt's middle child. Lindsay and I freaked out and ran to each other to hug which woke up Claire. Claire was super excited to wake up and see Alayna though, their 11 months old. It's still so surreal, which I know it is even more for them. A dream Lindsay has had tucked away for so long and now here they are! I seriously was ready to cry tears of joy seeing their whole family arrive and knowing what an incredible journey it has been to make it here.

We made it to Kitale yesterday. I must say, although it was louder and the Land Cruiser was a rocking, it was great traveling with a family with small children. I'm just so grateful for them joining us here to accomplish the vision God continues to unfold for Mattaw Ministries. We're in for some exciting stuff this coming year, more than we can even think or imagine! (there's a verse that goes along with that right?!)

So today we go out to Mattaw Children's Village and officially introduce the Erhardt's as a family to the children and staff. And oh yes, we will be eating chicken pilau, a big treat, yummy rice with chicken. The 6 older Mattaw girls will come and stay the night tonight then go back out in the morning for church. We've started having them over every Saturday to stay the night and be girls together. The Erhardt's will join for dinner. Lindsay is already excited to jump in and help me prepare the meal. I'm so thankful!

Here's the pictures I put up yesterday with a few words to go with...

Claire wasn't cooperating to show the tiny mini banana's you can get here, but Alayna was sure being cute. So Claire was out of a job for this Friday.

These are common around here. They're cute and sweeter than regular banana's.

Just some random pretty flower at the guesthouse where we stayed in Nairobi. I have no clue what it is... do you?

And here's our crew all together on this side of the world now! We last went to visit them for a week up in their frozen tundra called Minnesota this past January. Our kids loved hanging out last time for a week but we can already tell they're great buds even more this time! Thankful to have kids around to be homeschool/socially awkward kids with. Ha, that's a joke. But for real, the few days we've been with them, we're lovin having our kids together. Claire goes crazy over Alayna and Elisha has Collin to wrestle with (pictures to come) and Ben to teach him stuff, Ben is one smart kiddo.

From left to right: Collin, Elisha, Ben, Alayna and Claire


NeNe said...

So glad you are being blessed with companionship for all. God is so good to bring it to pass.

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