10 October 2011

Birthday at Mattaw

Guess who turned THREE....

Last week, after saying goodbye's to Austin and Brittany, we went back out to Mattaw to have September birthdays. I think I've lost my mind and got some birthdays mixed up this year, so if you are a sponsor and don't catch your kid's birthday on the right month, well, blame me. The good thing is none of them knew their birthdays before coming to Mattaw (not a celebrated event in the midst of poverty). But I just printed them all out and stuck the cute little chart in each house so no more mixing up and now everyone knows their birthday and WILL keep me accountable! All that to say, we had Georgie and Rose's birthday right, but mixed up Sophie's. So here's from our little birthday bash. Yes, Baby Georgie is now THREE! I also managed to loose some pictures. Guess we'll just have to have more cake for them so they can blow out the candles again and I can get some snaps... again.

I always have the kids pray for each kid we are celebrating for. We thank Jesus for their life, bless them, and pray for their future. I think Georgie was praying for lots of cake and good presents...





NeNe said...

I can hardly believe he is three ( and someone else is nudging four!!!) What a bunch of love he has been blessed with in those years. such a remarkably happy life since that day you found him in such a tragic situation. He's a joy
GIVER too.

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