09 September 2011


Hi everyone,

Today we go to rescue Dominique. I've woke up at 4 and 5 am the past two morning with him so strong on my heart. He has to come home. Will you help us bring him in as well as the other children for house three? You can go on facebook and add Mattaw Children. Then watch a video just made to promote sponsorship posted on there.

I have to share this personal story really quick. It was one of Elisha's first. You know how you document "first tooth, first steps, first foods, first smile" and so on for your baby? Well, this one is a first I want to always remember. Not to brag but to share a memory. Betsy and I ran into town, I just happened to bring Elisha with me. We were planning to just run to Mattaw for lunch, get a few things done and be back. On the way to Mattaw though we got to talking about Dominique and how we just wanted to pick him up right then but we'd wait until tomorrow (today). Then I realized I had just bought groceries and we could at least stop and feed him lunch. So we did. I pulled up and told Elisha about Dominique, in a very simple child version. I said he is hungry and doesn't have food. Then I asked if he wanted to go give him food. Well, he was eating a snack at the time and said no thinking I meant to give his food, which I hope as he matures he'll even give that. But then I showed him food in the backseat and said he could give him that, juice and bread. He was all about it. We walked behind a building to where Dominique stays. Elisha was a bit hesitant and stood back but Betsy grabbed his hand, I told him it was ok, and he came over with us to greet people. Dominique came up and Elisha shook his hand. Then the aunt invited us in their house/room. I then went to give a muffin to Dominique but before I could Elisha stopped me and said he wanted to. Insert melted heart. Such a simple little act but to see my son see Dominique hungry and want to give my food made my YEAR. So I then handed Elisha a juice box and orange to give Dominique. We talked with the aunt while Dominique immediately sat to the dirt floor and scarfed down food and sucked down juice so quickly. He was hungry. Slowly all the neighborhood children gathered at the door to see us. At this point Elisha became comfortable. Almost too comfortable. Eli then ran to the door and ran at the kids with his monster growl but in a playful laughing way. (if you know my son, you know exactly what I'm talking about!) I'm pretty sure some babies cried. Ha. But overall he made a lot of kids laugh. He did it a few more times. We then prayed and left. I told Elisha to say bye to his new friends. He said bye and hoped in the car as if it was all not a big deal. And it's really not, but to a mother's heart, oh my goodness, what a blessing to see! Thank you Jesus for your heart and giving us ways to teach our children what it looks like in action.

Pictures and updates to come on our little rescue adventure today!


NeNe said...

What more could a Ne want to hear about her grandson? that's better than a good grade, home run, or anything else in my book. Glory.

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