09 September 2011

Dominique home.

I really don't know how to put into words what happened yesterday. I've been listening to this new CD by William Matthew's called Hope's anthem. There's a song on there that describes what we've seen. Here's part of it....

You're bringing hope to the hopeless
giving your heart to the broken
sharing your home with the orphan
you are the joy
you are my joy
you are the hope of the nations
the Father's heart we're embracing
you are the song we're declaring
you are the joy
you are my joy
the hope that is around us
let hope arise!

The guys from our team have been hard at work with Bud on construction. They're finishing house five, painting house four and the Kenyan construction crew is working to finish the church. As I was downloading the pictures below I realized something. Bud is behind the scenes busting his tail on construction to enable me to go rescue kids. Which is the picture of yesterday. I mean, I knew this, but that's what the pictures tell of yesterday for our family. One of those light bulb moments.

I'll not be as wordy as I have been lately and let the pictures speak...


house five.

feeding the hungry.

Dominiqe and his aunt.

a kid and his only toy.

I've nicknamed Dominique, "Domino", because that's what he is for these people....

I see his rescue and restoration being a domino effect for everyone in this are that wants it. Yesterday someone on the team shared the gospel with this group. A few got saved. A man delievered from demons. A woman healed from long term stomach problems. Restored joy on children's faces. The Kingdom of God showed up and advanced. This was only the beginning. We plan to follow up with this place weekly. Maybe start a backyard bible club. Invite them to church on Sundays. But if they don't come, we go to them. I'm looking forward to seeing Jesus' love spread here.

Here's our little welcoming of Dominique yesterday...

Malnourished. But now with a hope. We will give updates of his recovery.

Betsy helping clothe him.

Elizabeth, our new long-term nurse, doctoring him up.

So many more stories to come. We need your help! Who will sponsor Dominique and help make a domino effect on the rest of our village?!


NeNe said...

Oh the happy. Extraordinary, that's what your good days are. There is so much life in this. The spirit will continue what was begun on this day.

Sarah said...

Every time I read a blog post like these last two, it makes my heart ache to be back in Katale. I want so badly to live more in the present, rather than make future plans. It felt much more natural & peaceful to live without being controlled by a clock in Kenya. I really learned to just do one thing at a time, in God's time. Whereas state-side, it's one big race to meet deadlines, pressure to limit interactions in an effort to "stay on time," and constantly stressing out about others' opinions & demands. Not to imply that life in Kenya is blissful and easy, but it's different, and I think it's easier to hear and see God.

bob said...

Have loved reading about Dominique ( Domino )!!

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