30 July 2011

Nakuru National Park

A few days ago I wrote a detailed update on our two day trip to transfer Mary, then go to Nakuru for a safari. Since Elisha has been sick and I've been home, I've been able to update all the pictures from our safari.

I've been on safari in Nakuru. A LOT. I guess it's been a couple years now but at one point, since it was convenient to take visitors there over any other game park, we went there quite a bit. Since then, they've added more lions and a few things have changed. Also the last couple times I had gone it was during dry season. It's now rainy season and the lake was full and everything lush. Which means more animals are out. Oh and apparently it is mating season. But that we didn't care to see!

This was a total unexpected trip for me to get to go on. I had only one day I could have taken Mary and it was the best day for me to bring her for the people receiving her. It just happen to be the day all the girls were leaving. The two young ladies, Anna and Keela, that I had mentioned were here and flying out, were there when we had found Mary and rescued her. This was their first time to Kenya and their first encounter with such desperation like Mary's. While on vacation, they went with Betsy to visit her. So they got to go through the whole process of rescuing someone and seeing the process of recovery. They were really wanting to get to be a part of transitioning Mary to a new place before they fly out and seeing that she was left in such great care. After talking it through, it just ended up working out that we would just all go together to transfer her and then continue to Nakuru together. Bonus for me to get a girls night away!

We got to the gate in time to enter when it opened at 7am. While waiting for it to open, the pesky little monkeys got into the van and gave us a show.

We got to see the sun rise. It was stunning over Lake Nakuru.

We first came upon a large baboon family

Hello little one, we too are up at ridiculous hours of the morning

"this is my baby and you can not take her"

Cape Buffalo


Black with white stripes, or white with black stripes??

Spoon -bill Stork

Squatty Potty!


Impala. In a group of women, they only allow one male in their herd. Can you find him?

And then we saw the lions. Epic! Unfortunately we had just missed the kill and they were eating it. Fortunately we saw lions. And we are in Africa.

Twiga! (Giraffe in Swahili)

Keela, Me, Anna


Nope. It's hail.

Alicia seeing if it is snow or hail.

Anna, Tori, Aly, Alicia, Tiara
Betsy, Me, Keela


Sarah said...

Fun! Next time I'm out there we'll have to go back and visit the park again. I miss Kenya TONS right now! When I got to church I realized I had forgotten to re-apply deodorant this morning, I didn't have jewelry on, and I hadn't done anything with my hair - in Kenya, that would have been no big deal. In Fargo, I felt a little out of place! And the worship music - well, let's just say it wasn't nearly as "engaging" as the worship at Mattaw!

NeNe said...

apparently Girl Safaris ROCK!

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