07 July 2011

Mzungu children, updates, and how it is


Weeks are going by far too fast.

Because I love my mom and she is really really wanting to see updated pictures of her grandchildren....

He was showing me how strong he is

The guys in our house and guesthouse at the moment...

Jordan from Minnesota, Caleb who is our oldest "son", and Scott and Nathan. They are father and son, here for a week, from my church that I graduated high school from, FBC Keller. (Ian was at school, he is not pictured here, but he's our second oldest "son" and lives in the guesthouse with Caleb and currently Jordan) I have stories to tell of our sons, Caleb and Ian, soon. OH how I love them!

Tiara, Betsy, Anna, and Keela. They're here for 3 weeks!

And our third calf was born a few days ago... it's a boy! And a big one too.

Totally did not expect him to be black. Looks nothing like his momma. I guess that his dad was black.

This summer has been crazy. A lot of good, a lot of hard. We've been up to our ears with paper work and admin work which I think I might have mentioned that is our least favorite part about what we do. But we want to be accountable, transparent and honorable to what we've been given in all we do. THANK goodness the Erhardts are soon to be here! (erhardts.blogspot.com)

But lets not pretend, the enemy is prowling around and we often remind ourselves that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Our marriage, our family, our ministry, it's all been tested and it brings us to our knees daily, knowing it is only God's supernatural power that will give us the strength and endurance. God likes it when we throw our hands up in the air and say we can't do it. Because then it's the perfect set up for Him to do it, to make everything happen supernaturally, His way.

I started listening to a Kris Valloton teaching lately and it started out "There is no victory without a battle, there's no mountain top without a valley, summer without winter is called a drought, and summer without several summers is called a famine. Life lives in a contrast. God really likes adventure. There are real seasons of comfort and seasons of less than comfort. There are times where things get uncomfortable and we learn that Holy Spirit is our comfort, He's our guide, our counsel and wisdom. Different seasons we learn different aspects of God."

That was a perfect start to a teaching that hit home. Right now I'm not sure what aspect He is teaching us. He reminds us daily that He is for us, He is our comforter, He is grace, and most importantly He is LOVE. I think sometimes it's after a season that you realize what aspect of God He has taught us a bit more about.

Ok, I'm rambling, just thought I'd give a tiny insight to our reality. We're real people living real lives and the last thing I'd want to do is make up some pretty perfect story. (and on the flip side, lets not be a negative nancy!)

And please pray for our family! The last thing we want to do is sacrifice our marriage and family for ministry. Which is why we will finally be getting away, taking a family vacation. Not even sure the last time we took a family vacation. 


Anonymous said...

Kim, I dearly love your family! Thank you for hosting Scott & Nathan. I hope to learn even more of you & Bud after they come home with Kenyan stories! I am eager to hear how the Lord is at work! I am blessed by father through you!
Much love,

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