15 June 2011



My hands

Are so full...

But my heart

is always so happy!

We said goodbye to the Munday team this morning. I didn't think it would be that sad! They're like family and we look forward to (hopefully) this being the first of many. (wait, two of them were actually family. they're cousins from my grandmother's side of the family. fun getting to have them here)

I was a wreck when I had them come into house four and dedicate the house to the Lord and pray for the children that will one day call that house their home. I'm so glad they got to experience first hand rescuing the little girls we did yesterday so that when 12 are rescued and put in the house they built, they will be able to somewhat know what a huge thing is happening. (i still need to tell that story in full!)
We are ever so grateful for the church family from Believer's chapel in Munday, TX. You guys rock! I'm in awe of how Jesus would love us so much to put a dream in our heart and bring others with like mindedness to accomplish HIS vision.

Now we have 48 hours to refresh and regroup to welcome our next team from Kentucky! This is another servant life team. Our second of three that will come this summer. They will primarily focus on doing a kids camp type thing with our children and children around the village. Looking forward to it!


Cindy said...

So thankful to see God's work in action. Thanks for taking care of our "family"...I am quite sure it will be life-changing for all who made this happen!

Aunt kim said...

5 like me ha! Love the kids haircuts!

Kimberly said...

oh thats funny kim! i didn't even catch that... but three of them are not full time in my house!

you're so welcome cindy, we were all very blessed by them being here. they impacted many and i know there is a ripple effect that will keep on going!

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