24 June 2011

Fruit and Flower Friday!

It's been like 2 weeks since I've posted a fruit and flower Friday post. Well, I did mention we've had three teams so far right? Yep. That alone might explain it :). But we've been blessed by so many visitors and have many more to look forward to.

So today's fruit is grapefruit. I love them. I guess I'm putting all my favorite fruits on here first. I know Texas has pretty good ones but I like these better. When growing up, I remember cutting them in half and splitting one with my mom. We had the "grapefruit spoons" and would sprinkle sugar on top. Then at the end I'd squeeze the remaining juice in a glass, add more sugar, and down it with a smile. Now I usually eat them on the go in the car and I peel them like an orange and chomp into them with my face. It's probably rather gross but it makes a great aroma in the car. Apparently if you eat citrus fruit, it'll wake you up as good as coffee. Whether that's true or not, my brain agrees. So the grapefruit we get is imported from South Africa and we have to pay $1.50 for ONE. Yeah, crazy, but I sometimes eat it for lunch and that justifies it in my head. Very rarely are they not so great but most of the time, oh my gosh, so good. No sugar added. They have locally ones they grow here but they are green and oh so bitter. Excuse the not so great photo taking of them....

And at the moment Bud and I are in Nairobi taking a few days to our self. MUCH NEEDED time for us. I'm very very thankful for our friends who are watching our children for us. It's been very restful and refreshing. We keep saying we're not going to use our phones or talk about Mattaw or ministry and man, that is hard! But we've for the most part followed through and fallen deeper in love with each other. I love my man. :)

So that was all to say that I'm not actually in Kitale to take a picture of a fruit or flower today, but only use what I can find on this computer. So I think I've probably posted this picture, when Claire turned one, but it's fitting for today.

We have two bushes of hibiscus flowers in our yard. One is white hibiscus and one is pink. My kids tend to pick them but they usually give them to me and I stick 'em in a glass and put it in the window by my kitchen sink.

And when I went to type in "flowers" to search for what I had on this computer, this picture was the only other one that came up besides the one above. I totally forgot about this picture! And these flowers. Pretty sure I didn't ever post this picture. Like many others. But this one has to go down in the books. It's when Bud was still here in Kenya and I had flown to Texas early while pregnant with Claire. We didn't know if our baby was a boy or girl and I went to get a sonogram while Bud was still in Kenya. He was very very sweet to let me find out without him and just call to let him know. (he knows how much I do not like surprises) When I got back to his parents house that night after finding out, he had sent my my favorite flowers in PINK! It was sweet. I know, this is random.

More updates on the way.... Have a great weekend y'all!


NeNe said...

Thanks for taking time out from your little retreat to post! I love they way you even incorporated the scent of grapefruit in your story. Made me wish I had one! I remember the day you got your awesome news, your dream come true... And isn't she even more fun than you ever dreamed? Oh I miss them both.

Judy from Louisiana said...

Kimberly, thank you for the beautiful post about our team from Louisiana. I know each of them personally and you are right -- they are servant driven people. We are so thrilled that our church got to be a part of service to you through them.

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