05 April 2011

some plant, some water, and then you see the SPROUTS come up!

I just spent about an hour researching online the statistics of how many children will die before their fifth birthday. The statistics are shocking and heart breaking. Although Africa only accounts for 22% of the births around the world, over half of the deaths amongst children under five are in Africa. There are many different statistics but I think some of the most accurate information I could find was that every one in five children dies before their fifth birthday. And the majority of them die from preventable diseases. Some of the top reasons being malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. And if they become orphaned with one of these conditions, their chance at life is drastically reduced.

Claire has had malaria, nearly had pneumonia recently and has had a lot of diarrhea. But she has a mom that will stay educated and do what it takes to get her well and keep her healthy. I can treat her with medicine,, I can feed her a nutritious diet, I can mix her up some oral re hydration for her to drink, I can take her to a Dr., I can get her immunizations, I can love her back to health. Any sign of sickness and I'm on it. But there's hundreds and thousands of babies out there that don't have someone to do this for them. Maybe not even one of the above things. Where are the mama's and fathers?


Dalene said...

Ish.. way to tug at the heart!
So proud to be your friend!

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