06 April 2011

Fertilizer anyone?

There's MANY many options of what you can give towards to help us water and plant Mattaw's new baby home called Sprouts. As the time nears we are going to need some major fertilizer to help make this container full of items to furnish Sprouts. So we need many prayers too! If you can't give, please pray with us!

And visit the Erhardt's blog for new updates on items to donate. www.erhardts.blogspot.com.

Many of you had donated towards our last fundraiser on here called "cows for Christmas". I will give a more detailed update on that soon. For now though, I thought I'd let you know that we are currently planting and growing enough food so that when it comes time to purchase all these cows, we can also feed them. We have some now though out at Mattaw and here in a few weeks one of our cows will give birth! And the milk will be ever flowing. More to come...


Brenda said...

We enjoyed visiting with your parents this past Thursday evening, Kimberly. Thanks to your mom for leaving me your card with your web site & a little picture of precious Elijah. I've been fascinated today as I've explored your web site and plan to share it with lots of others in hopes of garnering more support for the many ministries in Mattaw. God bless your family for your willingness to be His servants in the ministry to which He has called you.
Brenda Marcum

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