29 April 2011

Fruit and Flowers on Friday

Well lookie here, I had mentioned the idea of posting a new fruit that we eat here in Kenya on every Friday. And now I'm doing it!

Not that this was by coincidence or anything ;-).

Every Friday, the "rose lady" comes to sell us roses. Her name is Helen and she is one of the happiest people I've met in Kenya. She always wears a hat, some extraordinary, some just ordinary. When Elisha was a baby, he would always cry when he saw her. We think it was the hat. Now he loves her but Claire gets freaked out. We buy a bundle of about 18 gorgeous roses for around $2.50. This is one of her main sources of income so we pour into her business and in return our house is filled with beautiful fresh roses. Win, win!

Today some of her roses were about the height of Claire!

She always gives the kids a rose. Usually she gives a red one and says it represents the blood of Jesus and shares a tid bit on the gospel.

So when I walk into our house I see this....

And our dining room table has these...

Yesterday at Mattaw I took out some fruits. We try and get them all fruits 3 times a week, sometimes more. I found in a grocery store some watermelon. These are not common here at all. Our children had never seen or tasted this. I explained how we have a season in America where it's very hot and mostly dry and during that time people eat this fruit. About a hand full of the children did not like it at all. The rest happily dug in!


Today I get my husband back. He had to go to Nairobi AGAIN. This time was to drop one of our vehicles off to get some minor work on it before teams and visitors come. He also got work permit stuff turned in for us and people coming over to work with us. We'll go back in a few weeks to pick up the Huckabee's, pick up the land cruiser, and get Claire immunizations. (so excited to pick the Huckabee's, as for Claire's reason going, no fun!)

So when Bud is away, I hold down the fort around here. I'm very thankful for a gracious God, otherwise I'm pretty sure everything around here would crumble! (including myself!)

Now going to buy meat and bread for Mattaw and for the weekend. I'll share with you what a typical weekly food menu looks like out at Mattaw Children's Village soon....


NeNe said...

NeNe Ne-eeds a lot of this . I loved seeing Helen again and can hear her lovely voice in my heart. Love to hear how you share new things with the kids. Pure joy. And now there's another reason to look forward to Fridays.

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