23 March 2011

Admin, Amani and SROUTS!

No power in our house again this week. And more so, no Internet. Just got it back though!

We got back from Nairobi this past weekend. It was a good get away to go to the big city but glad to be home. So sad to see Bud's parents go but we know they'll be back. We really enjoyed their time here. Nairobi was full of figuring out work permit stuff, eating sushi, drinking latte's, Elisha playing on indoor playgrounds at malls, seeing the movie "Tangled" (two thumbs up by the way!) shopping for safari vehicles, going to an organic farmer's market and some sick babies...

In Nairobi Claire got sick. It was sad and I freaked out a bit. But then I remember Papa God holds us and all fears were gone. Thankfully we took her to a really nice Dr. whom I trusted and the Dr. didn't write it off as malaria immediately. If you have a cough here, they say it's malaria. I guess a good percentage of the time it is, but for the time it's not, I'm just thinking your body probably gets worn out from the treatment. Just assuming. I am a big anti-med person though until it's absolutely needed. There's so many natural remedies out there. But not when it came to treating whatever Claire had. She ended up with a 105 fever and a bad cough. She got antibiotics and now is doing much much better. Elisha ended up with it a few days after her. Ugh. I think it was the same virus that went around most of our children at Mattaw. Pray for a clean sweep of good health in Jesus name!

And guess what logo I can finally share with y'all?!

Isn't that just ADORABLE?! Can't wait to see this home opened with beautiful babies rescued in it. I will be talking more about this soon and how YOU can help! With big and small ways available, you can help us pull all the pieces together it will take to open and run this home. 

I'm absolutely thrilled to see the future unfold for Mattaw and Mattaw Sprouts. Seasons change and as rainy season is now rolling in like a flood, I can feel the season will be changing not only in the weather but in our ministry.

Everyday now, it will get warm and sunny, then eventually pour buckets of rain and get a bit chilly for a few hours. We literally can watch the grass get greener by the day. Flowers are blooming and the scenery is getting so colorful outside. Everyone around here is now rushing to plant their fields. We are planting away in our garden area out at Mattaw.

I feel like we have 6 weeks left until the season around here begins to shift. It's busy for us as far as administration work goes. We are pulling together all of our end of the year stuff and working on filing new info. Have I mentioned how much Bud and I are NOT admin people?! Too bad that can't be an excuse to the IRS. Or to the Lord. So we do what we can with excellence right now. We just got an office in town. I'm so thankful to now separate our home life from admin work. It was consuming much of our house and I wanted to scream! Not only admin, but we are also working to get Amani home (house three open). Right now we are starting house parent training and praying about which couple to hire on. And then of course getting the business plan and details of Sprout on the go. 

So those three things are our main focus this week. There's a bagillion little things on the side. But I feel in 6 weeks, when Betsy comes back, the Huckabee's move here, and teams start to roll in, life will change a bit around here. In such a good way of course! We plan to have the three things we are focused on right now, done by the time the new season comes.

Off I go for a morning run in the mud, sunshine and colorful landscape....


NeNe said...

NeNe says: Yay for you having Internet again. So glad to see a post. I feel like my heart has dual citizenship now and I'm way more interested in what's going on over there than here! It sounds like Elisha is revealing just how smart he really is... Rooaar.. I love it!! Ne.

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