04 January 2011

Mattaw Children's Village Video

Oh geeze, there I go not updating the blog and now I find myself not having a clue where to begin. My camera battery died the day of Hollie and Matt Garcia's wedding. We were able to snap some shots of their beautiful wedding but until my battery is charged, I can't upload pictures! Oh and I didn't mention that our battery charger is in Kenya! So I keep putting off writing a blog update because who wants a blog update without pictures!? And I still don't have new pictures, BUT I figured I better start somewhere and soon enough I will post the pictures to go along with all these words I have to say. Where to start?

First of all, I need to share a video with you! Many of you have already seen it and most of you will see it while we are here. But for those of you who we aren't friends with on facebook or visiting while in the states, I will share this fantastic video promo for Mattaw Children's Village. The Hamer's came and stayed a few weeks with us while the husband shot this film. It's only four minutes long, but long enough to make me cry, laugh and smile and be thankful for all that great things God has done through our ministry. Phil, the guy that made this, is so very talented at what he does and we're thankful to have he and his wife as friends. They are precious people who have a love for children and street kids in Kenya. So, enjoy a glimpse into our life....


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